Turkish Website Moved

The Turkish website has been moved to its new domain at http://www.maitreya-turkce.org/. The translated files are still being transferred but the website is mostly done.

In the first page, it is explained that everyone should refer to the Mission site (in English) for the most accurate information, since in translation some meaning can be lost. Also it is mentioned that the translation is done as a volunteer effort and this site is not an official Mission site. Everyone is encouraged to study the Mission website in English.

Other pages are set up similar to the English site and give information about Maitreya
, the Mission, The Greatest Sign, the Meditation process, how to join the Mission, and current Mission contacts. In the literature section, only the translations of some parts of THOTH and The Plan are available so far. As transferring what is already translated finishes, the translation of THOTH will continue.

All thanks to God.


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).