Letter to Humanity
Printable Version

A printable version of the Letter to Humanity, in .pdf format, is now available to download and/or print. You can access it from the main Letter to Humanity page, at the bottom of the page (in the paragraph starting "Also, you can use a printable version...").

The printable version is simple and clean, and looks very similar to an actual letter. Also, at the very end of the Letter, instead of having many links to different parts of the website, there is only a reference to www.maitreya.org. This is because long, complicated links are not very useful on a printed page where no one can click on them.

We hope that this new Letter will help those who wish to send the Letter by regular mail, or to give it to someone in person. There is now a Letter for emailing, a Letter for printing, and a Letter to link to on the website, so all the bases should be covered! Of course, any suggestions for other formats or ways to spread the Letter are welcomed. Please email us at suggestions@maitreya.org. ATTG.


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).