Record of Website Updates

So far, there has been no way for anyone to know if we change, correct, or update something on the website. We announce the big changes in the Newsbrief, but there are also many small corrections and improvements made on a daily or weekly basis. We felt that this was not ideal. Not only might people want to know what is changing and improving, but also translators of the website cannot keep their translations up to date if they do not know the changes we are making.

To solve this problem, from now on we will record any changes we make to the website on this page. The changes will be organized by date, and there will be a link to the page in the "Quick Links" of every Newsbrief. This way, anyone can see what is new and improved. This will also make it very easy for translators to check the page periodically and update any translations they have made. We hope that this will clear up confusion and make upkeep easier for everyone. In the future, when we have the resources, we will develop an even better system, but for now we believe this will work FINE. If you have any questions or suggestions about this change, please email us at


Letter to humanity and their leaders

Our website was recently redesigned and is still under construction. We apologize for any errors, broken links, or other issues you may encounter and are working hard to resolve all problems. If you would like to help, please let us know of any issues you encounter by emailing

All Thanks To God (ATTG).