The Evolution of Evolution

Last week, I saw a Nova episode on the public television station about the evolution of man. This Nova series is meant to inform the public of the latest discoveries in many topics. The series is amazing, and each of the episodes confirm our teachings and further reveal the evidence proving that God is with us. Indeed, the Mission has revealed during the last 30 years how the universe was created, what neutron stars and supernovas are for, what black holes are made to do, that there is a unified and ultimate state in the universe, etc. During this time, scientists have come closer to our teachings, and they are still continuing to do so.

We said that neutron stars exist to create the heavy elements in the universe. They are furnaces that, with great pressure (in fact they are very powerful and immense pressure cookers), form the heavy elements such as metals. Supernovas, which are the result of imploding neutron stars, distribute these heavy elements throughout the universe as the basic materials to create solar systems, stars, etc. Black holes are the recycling centers of the universe and break down the elements back into their basic forms to prepare them to start a new cycle in creation. Trying to reach the absolute zero temperature proved to scientists that elements lose their original stability and are merged into the universe as part of the whole. String theory (M theory) proved that there is a unifying state in the universe and that the basic building blocks of creation are even smaller than the atom. Etc.

In our teachings, it has been revealed that the evolution of man started in many parts of the earth almost simultaneously. Humans then continued to evolve and spread all throughout the earth, and eventually they mixed and created the ultimate species that we are. Still there are variations even among us!

However, scientists, for a long time, thought that the evolution of man started in Africa, and from there humans spread all over the earth. Then they found the Neanderthals, and recently the Hobbits. The Neanderthals were much bigger than the modern human, and the Hobbits much smaller. They could not explain how this had happened. They argued that Homo Erectus evolved into the Neanderthals. However, how this happened is not clear. In the case of the Hobbits, since they are a newer discovery, they have not come to a firm conclusion.

The reason that they believe humans evolved in Africa and spread out from there is that they have found the oldest fossils there. Then they found the same genetic trends in other parts of the world where the fossils were younger. They failed to realize that the genetic makeup of all species will be very close, as the base of creation is similar and the material and designs are also very similar. Finding similar DNA in species does not mean they are, necessarily, related to each other! DNA can also mutate and change from its original setup. So to base a theory on this alone will lead to confusion and errors.

The finding of the Hobbits, as well as Ida, the 47 million year old, nearly perfect skeleton of a monkey-like species found in Germany, has created disarray in the scientific community. Not only have they been unable to explain where the Hobbits came from, but Ida, which seems to be the oldest primate ever found, could be the father of the creatures that later became monkeys. If the current theory of scientists, that all humans evolved from monkeys, stands, then humans have evolved from Germany, not Africa! Even this, of course, will lose its validity if they find some other evidence that contradicts this one.

The fact is that humans evolved simultaneously in many different parts of the earth, and probably from different animals! They then progressed, intermixed with other humanoid species, some went extinct (perhaps some were even hunted and consumed by other humans), etc. That is why we have such a great variety of humans on earth. Humans might genetically seem to be similar; however, the reason for this is not because they have come from the same species. It is because the base of the genetic formula for all life is similar. Small changes to that basic formula create new species.

That is the reason that the DNA of orangutans, for example, is so close to the DNA of humans. Scientists were surprised (probably astonished is a better word) when they found this out. However, if they knew this fact, they would not have been astonished or surprised. Now that it is revealed here and they should know this, it should make them realize that they should expand their understanding of the basic design in the universe and break free of this mindset that humans evolved from one species, that the evolution of man started in Africa, that similarity of DNA, especially in different species, means they are from the same root, etc.

In addition to these points, scientists should also consider other possibilities. Who created the pyramids? What are the drawings on the ground in South America that can only be recognized as to what they are from the air (by helicopter and/or airplane)! Have other species travelled to earth and settled here, mixed with the natives, etc.?

However, this should not become the base for the belief that some species came from other planets and created us, and therefore they are the creators. Such a belief begs the question: Who created them? Ultimately it is God (the Formless, Invisible, Nameless, and Eternal) who has created all things, and we all have to concentrate on that!

The theory of aliens creating us has another flaw: Again the idea is that the aliens created us and our origin is from one genetic pool. As scientists have discovered, that is not the case. Human have no choice but to realize that a combination of these theories might be the answer!

A true scientist will not rule out any possibility, and will research all questions before jumping to conclusions. Is it possible that Neanderthals were evolved from a species other than monkeys? They are bulkier than Homo Erectus. A bear is bulkier than a monkey, and can also walk upright. I am not saying Neanderthals were evolved from bears. However, these are questions that should be answered. They may discover that they were!

Were there beings living on Mars, and when the planet's surface became difficult to live on, these beings went underground? Did they then travel to the Blue Bird (Earth) and so come to live on its surface? Were those drawings in South America a way for them to know where to land, etc.? What about the Pyramids? How were they built?

Unfortunately, even scientists have become dogmatic, and like people in any culture, only follow the set culture they have accepted and/or been born into. Anything outside of their accepted ideas and theories are rejected, frowned upon, and laughed at. This limiting of themselves to a set of scientific dogmas will lead them to err, as dogmas in religions also lead their followers to err.

Indeed, scientists are closer to the truth now than they have ever been before. If they can overcome their dogmas and follow True open-mindedness, as a scientist should, they will realize the Ultimate Truth that has been revealed to them. They just need to go back to the original idea of true scientific work. That is: To consider all possibilities and search to find the answer to every conceivable question. Even after they have apparently found the answers to all questions, still they should be open to change if a better explanation is offered!


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