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Mount Zion

I was doing research for the video The Mystery of God Revealed. I am always amazed at what I find, and am deeply thankful to God. The religious scriptures and the history of God is rich and deep, and God is in everything. Abdul Baha considered it urgent to build a
temple in the west and said:

When the Divine Edifice is completed, a most wonderful and thrilling motion will appear in human existence... It marks the inception of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

The Bahai Faith: Its History and Teachings, pg 282, by William McElwee Miller

As the son of Baha'u'llah, Abdul Baha spent his childhood at times poor in the streets as his father was imprisoned. He had experienced ridicule and rejection at the young age of 8, but he still had great love for God. I was reading copies of a newsletter written for the Bahai Faith called Star of the West that was released in the United States between 1912 and 1935.

Abdul Baha wrote for Star of the West 19 times a year, and in 1912 scheduled a trip to the United States. At the time, his planned visit to the United States received much media attention, and he was offered tickets to travel on the Titanic. He refused to travel in luxury, gave the tickets away to be sold for charity, and traveled on a slower boat. When later asked if he knew at the time what was going to happen, he said Man has intuition. God protected Abdul Baha so that he could break ground for the first Bahai Temple in the West located inWilmette, Illinios, United States.

Over three hundred people gathered from all over the world on a windy day in May of 1912 for this special event. All religions were represented as Abdul Baha used a golden trowel to break the ground for this new temple. Each person used an axe and shovel on the ground until all had had the chance. A photographer captured the moment in which all had the love of God in their hearts as the wind blew leaves from the trees into the air, forming what appears to be an image of Mount Zion. Afterwards, a seven year plan was developed to convert people to the Bahai Faith. The people in that day felt the great joy of the beginning of the Kingdom, but the Kingdom of God did not come in Abdul Baha's lifetime. The temple has since been named one of the seven wonders of Illinois.

In 1974 on a visit with his cousin, Maitreya (Seventh Angel of Revelation) walked up the steps of the Bahai temple in Wilmette, Illinois, and saw the most beautiful white building with a swastika (Mystical Paths), the Star of David (Judaism), the cross (Christianity), the moon and star (Islam), and the nine pointed star (Bahai Faith) carved on the pillars. It was in this moment that Maitreya had the realization that was the beginning of The Greatest Sign and the teachings of THOTH. In 1982, 70 years after Abdul Baha used a golden trowel to break ground for the temple, Maitreya announced his mission to the world. God is truly amazing in all things.

Reading the beautiful words of Abdul Baha's writing and speeches, I had a deeper appreciation for what has been given to us with Maitreya, and it has inspired me to write another essay that is still in progress. For those of us who realize the truth of Maitreya's teachings, there is a responsibility to humanity and to God to spread these teachings far and wide. The internet is large, and many people have not heard the name Maitreya, and do not associate the name with the person their religion is expecting. I have started to compile lists of places to visit in order to spread the good news, starting with inter-faiths and then other religions. I continue to talk to people about the Mission and its teachings, and there are several people I talk with several times a month, as I continue spreading the good news. Maitreya is the Christ. Christ is with us, and God is surely with Him.

May God's blessing and grace be with all of you.

All Thanks to God,

Note: The picture above was taken from a copy of the Star of the West Newsletter that I purchased from The image of Mount Zion above the heads of the people in the picture appears to have been created by the leaves blowing from the trees on a windy day in Wilmette, Illinois.

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