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November, 2009 Report

Sal-OM All,

It continues to be a fun quest to seek out questions in Yahoo Answers (as reported last month). Around 60+ good questions were answered (Thanks God) and out of these 5 were chosen as Best Answers by the Asker or the Voters. The Asker has an option to Comment at the bottom of the Answer. Below are a couple of examples in blue:

Are all religions connected?

I think they are, sort of. Christianity has the cross, and the star of David (Jewish) is mentioned in the bible. The pentagram (star in circle) represents the Wiccan religion. I don't know how Buddhists and other religions get into it

3 days ago

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

Absolutely yes! There is only One God and He has sent all the religions as parts of His One Plan, which is totally unified in the last revelation, also known as The Seventh Seal.

Of course each religion has been affected by man's ideas and dogmas, but the last revelation (Seal) is revealed and clarifies all the confusion between religions and even within them.

There is a fantastic picture of how they all are connected called: The Greatest Sign
click here to see it:

It just makes so much more sense than all the religions fighting each other and claiming 'their' way is the only way or trying to convert everyone to just their own religion. God never designed it that way and followers need to open their minds and expand to new understandings.

A Letter to Humanity has been given to the world about all the events to come if we don't come around to unification. Here is a video about it:


main website:
email: questions to the Mission for any further info

3 days ago

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5 out of 5

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How do you know God to be true?

I'm sure I'll get a lot of ... answers from people who are just spewing out words they read in a book somewhere. i would say don't bother answering, but most likely, you truly believe whole-heartedly that you are speaking of a truth you experienced, whilst you really haven't, so i will just have to filter through your answers.

Can you answer as thoroughly as you can?


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God is known by an experience. Any words, description, definition, adjective, sense or whatever are parts of the manifested world and temporary.

God is: Formless, Invisible, Nameless, Eternal

God is Everything God is Pure Consciousness

God just IS:

1 month ago

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that was ... right on and right on target with what i believe God to be.... true true

Thanks God and Maitreya for these Great answers!

Further outreach:

My computer has been installed with a new DVD Burner and a more professional Editing Software program with the intention of doing additional Mission Videos in a better quality and in a more professional application.

The Letter to Humanity' video on YouTube was recreated to God is Calling You' with better quality and different images: This new video was also uploaded into the below mentioned Paravipra website and also the Social Network suggested by Tahirah Alliance for A New Humanity. The Network is easy to join and could support the Mission by connecting with people who are more open-minded.

New Website on Paravipras (Elects):

Eventually people will begin to hear more about terms such as The Mission, Maitreya, Elects, Eternal Divine Path, Seventh Angel, Paravipras, etc. They will start seeking out these specific terms in the Internet and the more available references and occurrences of the words they can find the better!

With that thought in mind, a website about Paravipras was created to intrigue and make people curious to research further at the Mission Website (and report for duty J).

This website creator is a free application. It has very nice easy to use templates and publishing tools:

Sal-OM and Thanks God!

Shirin e Khoda

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