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Sal-Om all!

ATTG, things have gone quite well this past month as far as getting many flyers out there for the Mission. Most have gone upin libraries and health food stores.

Also, I have been told thatwe will have afree monthfor the Mission of Maitreya Ad on in the Asheville area. This is because it seems there was a brief time when it disappeared (thanks to Noor and Sarah Ji for making me aware of this) from view online. They did a complete investigation on this when I brought it to their attention at Yellowbook and were very polite, concerned and helpful! So that ad continues to be back online after that brief disappearance, ATTG.

I have made copies of the Letter to Humanity and am beginning to look for addresses of politicians in my area, state, etc. that I can send it to. So that will be on the agenda for this next month.

I continue to read THOTH over the internet on Monday mornings and attend services and the live meditation class online on a weekly basis.

Also making some efforts in preparation of moving back to New Mexico when the time is right. I even talked with a realtor who I know and she says she hopes that housing prices will be rising in the next year or so. If the prices are up I may even be able to move sooner than expected which would be wonderful, so ATTG in advance for everything that He makes possible. I must admit that I really miss being in community ...especially the Community based on the Eternal Divine Path. That is certainly the Highest Form of Community, ie,Communites ofLight.

I love when I can remember as Maitreya Ji shared in a Satsang: To breathe in and Thank God and to breathe out and Thank Him again! I accomplish a lot more whenever I remember to do so.

May we all continue to grow stronger in and more dedicated to this incredible Mission that we are privileged to be a part of,

Keyosha, Asheville, North Carolina

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