Approved Songs

We have started a project to approve songs that the Mission feels are universal in their scope and promote what we teach. So if you found a song that has these qualities, let us know. Better yet, if you are a musician and/or have talent to write songs, go ahead and write songs that reflect the teachings and bring deeper realization of what is Revealed.

So far the song "Interplanetary Party" by Santana (the one in his Ultimate Santana CD) is approved. There are other lyrics used in other albums with the same name from Santana, but we only approve the lyrics from that CD.

The only sentence that seems to be man-made is the one that says, "make love not war." As God has already said: There is a time to Heal and there is a time.... Even at the time of the later option, it has to be from Compassion and for the purpose of the creation. The rest of the lyrics in that song seems inspired by higher thoughts!

The lyrics from the Ultimate Santa CD does not seem to have that sentence in it (or it is said so fast that it is hard to hear). That is why that one is approved over other versions!

Other songs, such as God of Wonders, are nominated. Each song will be reviewed and eventually a list will be posted in the Mission website.

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