Requirements For Projects Done For The Mission

1. Have your facts straight: Do not let your opinions and background affect your judgment. Do not just accept things based on your emotional attachments and/or upbringing. Verify the facts you present, and prove that they are correct and what you have presented cannot be disputed (as much as possible).

2.Create products that represent the Mission and its teachings. They have to have a universal scope and no biases present. The slightest narrowness will be corrected. Become a Pure Instrument for God to come through and present His Highest Revelation, the Mission!

3. Your project will go through scrutiny and editing by the Mission (members of the Round Table). What you have created will not be the final product. It might be heavily edited, or it might be approved as is. It is up to the Mission to decide when a project meets Mission teachings and standards.

4. Any project that does not have the Seal (Shield) of Approval from the Mission is not officially accepted by the Mission. It is an individual project and is not submitted to the Mission to be approved and/or the project never won the Seal of Approval from the Mission.

5. Any approved project, most probably, has to be released to the Mission. All rights are transferred to the Mission, and the Mission has the right to use it as it sees fit. In such cases all rights, implicit or explicit, will be the Mission's.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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