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South Florida - Miami area

I just finished my nursing degree and so will have more time to work for the Mission.

Last month, I had a nice meeting with Tahirah. We talked about the Mission and how we can come together and help in a greater degree. We decided to have such meetings together more often.

THOTH was given to an aunt who lives in Italy. She has now returned to Italy (Venice)but while she was here the EDP was shared with her. She saw The Greatest Sign and thought it was related to Sai Baba from India. So we had no choice but to explain.

Athena and family

PS: Hephaestus (my husband) wants me to write this to you as he dictates his feelings:

"It is very difficult to communicate the words and teachings. The environment that I am in daily is predominately African-American Christians who are, for lack for better words, locked into the belief that God started and ended with Christ. And anyone who opens a discussion that does not believe that Christ is the only Messiah, alienates himself and scares them. I can see the fear in their eyes that their belief system is being challenged. I realize that these people are good people and to attempt to open their minds would only result in futility. You would think that people of knowledge would be open to at least an intellectual discussion regarding the progression of religion, but they are not. It appears as if their indoctrination has taught them that anyone who attempts to distance them from the belief that Christ is the only Messiah is a messenger of the Devil and that they need to be aware of how seductive the devil is and how he can present himself in many forms. I have come to the conclusion that its their time so I let it go. However, if at any time I am asked, I am always available to share the teaching with them. Times have been especially bad these last few months and sometimes we lose sight of how lucky we are to have the teachings in our heart. And I thank Athena for giving me this opportunity right here and now to realize that we are not alone and we need to allow God to do His Will."

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Letter to humanity and their leaders

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