Second Life News

SL - Second Life is continually changing with new additions and improvements. While there has not been any interest from members to join and become a part of a cyber community, we will continue to try and reach humanity in whatever form is necessary so that all can see and learn of God's Plan for all of humanity. We do understand that during these tough economic times, it is not wise to add another expense to the budget, but feel free to join us in New Jerusalem any time you wish. It is free to download the program and interact with others in this virtual world. If you do visit, please let us know your impressions and as always, suggestions for improvements are accepted and desired.


Note: You can access the Mission Island and the other lands at the top of the You need to download the SL program, install it, etc. before you can access the island.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).