Reports from Contacts


Sal-Om MOM

This month I mostly have worked on couple new websites, recording videos to use in these websites and business related things with the center. It seems like God wants me to continue with the center here and use Subjective approach with Objective adjustment. So I do. God is absolutely amazing!

I almost had no one to talk to and share about the Teachings, Mission, Maitreya etc this month. It seems like right now even though it is still a little quiet, the tribulation is getting more to people's minds and people are running around heedlessly or sleep walking entirely. No one wants to hear the highest yet, but at least some are opening up.

God is One, the Almighty,
His Kingdom will come, absolutely.
Maitreya is the King of the Kings,
The Goal will be achieved with His Blessings.


Thank you God


*Note: We encourage other contacts also to send in their monthly reports to the Mission to be added to this column!

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