Mission Seal (Shield) of Approval

Many people are doing great projects for the Mission which we approve. We also have learned that others take a portion of the teachings and include it with their own ideas and thoughts to promote themselves and their own objectives. In this light, it has been decided that in the ongoing effort to keep the teachings pure, the Mission needs to keep abreast of what is being done on its behalf.

We can see throughout history that humanity does a fine job in removing and adding what they will to the teachings of the Prophets. This can be seen in all the teachings from Hinduism to the Bahai Faith. While this was not accomplished overnight, we do see that it happened shortly after Esa the Christs departure in Christianity and continues to this day. In this light, the Mission has decided to develop a method in which all outreach mechanisms will be taken through an approval process so that the integrity of the teachings remain.

We are asking that all who have produced literature, CDs/DVDs, videos, websites, advertisements, artwork, or any other type of media or any creative work based on Mission materials to send either a copy of the material or a link to them to the Mission so that it may be reviewed. This process is set up to ensure that the teachings are not added to or subtracted from in any form. We are aware that personal experiences and understandings may be included within these pieces, which will not be the focus of the reviewing process. However, we also look for due credit given to the Mission and Maitreya for the parts belonging to them. The fair use of our materials, based on the copyright laws, is fully permitted.

While we are at the beginning stages of this process, the potential outcome of the review is to allow those endeavors that meet the Missions criteria, a special seal to indicate to all that it meets the Missions standards. Upon reviewing the materials, the authors will receive a notice from the Mission about the status of their submittals. In this notice you may find one of three types of notices, first would be the request to include an image of the approval seal on specific pieces. The second type of notice would be to change an item here or there to either remove any ambiguity, or to clarify certain aspects. Upon completion of this type of notice you should receive the notice of the seal to be included.

The last type of notice that may be sent is the request to cease in producing a certain piece of work. This request will be sent if the materials cannot, in acceptable terms, be changed easily to meet the standard. Of course we are not able to nor would we desire to forcibly stop all that is made available to the public. However, what we are able to accomplish in this process, is to initiate a quality control program for the disbursement of the teachings. We also have the option to enforce the copyright laws (as all materials in the Mission are copyrighted) and the intellectual property rights.

This seal will tell all who view it that what is contained within the associated material is a true depiction of the Missions teachings and goals.

For the Internet based submissions, you will be able to link this seal directly to a specific page that informs people that your seal is indeed approved by the Mission. You may view this as something similar to seeing a Better Business Bureau emblem, or truste.org seal, or of the United States Department of Agriculture.

For materials offered off the Internet (printed, CDs, DVDs, etc.) a URL will be added close to this Seal that people can use to see the page that your materials are indeed approved by the Mission.

As you can probably assume, this will be a large undertaking for us in reviewing the submitted materials. So we ask that you show us patience and we will acknowledge you as soon as we can about seal placement, etc. In the future when you decide to change some aspect of your works or create another piece, the process will begin again and we will need to be informed so that the additions can be quickly reviewed.

This process will be either a semi-annual or annual review so that we can keep abreast of all materials. While this will not keep others from changing what has been revealed, it will give humanity the peace of mind in knowing that they can locate the true teachings of Maitreya. Also, if you find a site or some materials that are stating acceptance but are not found within the Missions website, please inform us with associated pieces, so this can be addressed as needed. Since each seal will have a link to its own page, in the Mission website, if there is not a link provided with the seal and/or the link does not go to a page in

www.maitreya.org, that site or material is not approved by the Mission!

Depending on the quantity of submittals, we may create a place for them in Second Life (Fourth Seal/Level). If such a place is created, you always can know who does, or has done, what project. We ask that everyone monitor for such a set-up and when or if developed, inform us if you notice some items are missing.

As no one is above the law, all are required to undergo this process.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).