Formation of The Round Table

Formation of the Round Table (RT) for the Mission has been in progress for the last two years. It is a gathering of the most dedicated, productive, intelligent group of people who Love the Mission and are Chosen to carry on the work of the Mission after Maitreya left His body.

Not only will they carry on the work of the Mission and maintain its growth and prosperity, their most important job is to seek Maitreya in His next incarnation and reinstall Him as the Eldest of this RT! In this regard everyone who has been close to Maitreya can help. However, the final decision will be made with this body.

Joining this body is solely by invitation and one strict rule is the ability to attend this meeting every week. Exception to this rule will be rare. As this body grows, each individual in the body will manifest their best qualities and they eventually can head many departments and activities in the Mission (the system will form from the top).

Eventually, when this system is fully developed, and the COLs are formed, this hierarchy will be replaced with the people from the COLs. It is then that the True Godly Hierarchy (from bottom to top) will emerge.

The twelve leaders, who will act as the coordinators of the facilitating body, will also emerge from this body. They will replace Maitreya until He is found and is installed as the Head of this body to continue the establishment of the Mission to its finality. This process will continue until the Kingdom will be established (hopefully in three incarnations). However, since everything is dependent on man's free will, no limit can be put on this process. Three incarnations seems to be a reasonable prediction!

The twelve leaders of the facilitating body each will be chosen to be the head of the body. Since this body is supposed to be One in the teaching and represent Maitreya, in fact the leader who has a term of one year is there to coordinate the projects and work-flow with the rest. They should have great interpersonal relationships with one another and work as One Body (God comes through).

As we have seen in almost all religions, the successor has been a point of dispute. In many instances an impure person dilutes the teachings, which appeal to humanity more, and destroys the original Revelation. Not this time. God indeed has given everything so this will not happen.

Maybe they were affected this way because none were perfect! However, God is very protective of this Revelation (the whole history started for this finality). It is also the Perfect and Last Revelation. Therefore He surely will not allow such a thing to happen to It. However, as it is revealed: Trust in God but secure the camel. This body is to secure this process and help God (and God Help them) to accomplish this smoothly. This body also will be extremely aware of this problem and will fight off any such attempt to water down the teachings as has been done before.

They also will fight the unreasonable doctrines and interpretations that have bound man in other religions.

God Is Freedom. Man enslaves!


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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