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Sal-Om MOM

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There isn't much to report from Turkey this month. Other than conversations with family or people, who come to yoga classes, about the Teachings, meditation, yoga, God, current world situations or personal situations, there wasn't much of a contact with anyone else.

The first half of the month was spend mostly working on updating the website at work. However, the access to the free program that is used to create the websites by Google was banned by a court, just like access to Youtube was banned. Therefore the website work still continues.

In the second half, out loud readings to improve the voice quality while doing voice recordings was practiced. All thanks to God, as a result of these practices and input and feedback from Maitreya and members of the Round Table, one good copy of Call to Prayer was recorded. The practices to perfect it continues on as well.

All thanks to God for the Greatest Sign, All thanks to God for the Eternal Divine Path, All thanks to God for Maitreya, THOTH, Satsangs and the Mission.

Unity inside, unity outside!

All thanks to God.


*Note: We encourage other contacts also to send in their monthly reports to the Mission to be added to this column!

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