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Frequently, I reflect on my life experiences, and think about their lessons through the eyes of THOTH and Maitreya's teachings.

Thank God for the sun that shines each day, providing us with light and life. Thank God for the majestic mountains that collect raindrops and snow that form the streams and mighty rivers that provide us with waters of life. Thank God for raindrops. Over the last three or four years, I have spoken to several hundred people about the truth of this Mission. How can we not talk about the Mission of Maitreya, and speak about the truth to the people in our lives; our loved ones, our children, our friends, our mothers and fathers and all of the people around us who are our brothers and sisters? They do not accept the message when they first hear it, but truth comes from raindrops. Some people listen to you for a while, and nod their heads in agreement, but then change the subject, ignore you, or turn away. Some people expound their understandings and stop listening.Some people laugh at you when you say you have found the truth, and that Christ is amongst us. Some people become angry.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

-Mohandas Gandhi -

Gandhi spoke an eternal truth. All of the prophets and servants of God were rejected, but they continued to spread the truth and do the work of God because eventually the darkness of ignorance falls away before the light of truth with raindrops.

Around six years ago, I worked at Apple Computer, and became fascinated with software called iDVD and iMovie. I started working on videos with pictures of my family, and it took me four months to finish my first DVD. The songs, the pictures; I contemplated on every single detail. My mother-in-law saw the video, and tears of joy streamed from her eyes. I was told that this should be my profession. Several years later I worked on a family video project as a gift for my grandfather's 80th birthday. Many of the family photos arrived only two days before my grandfather's birthday. I fixed torn photos and made color corrections to bring life out of the old photos. For reasons unknown to me at the time, I stayed up for 60 hours straight in order to have the DVD ready. When my family saw the videos, there was not a dry eye in the room. The videos touched a place deep in their hearts, and healed a rift that had existed in parts of my family for a decade. God was there, and I knew the video did not come from me. After the event was over, I collapsed into a deep sleep from exhaustion, and decided I did not want to make any more videos. I had not tasted the sweet waters of Maitreya's teachings yet.It was after this video that I found the Mission of Maitreya and read THOTH, and stopped celebrating birthdays. The day to be celebrated in place of birthdays in the Mission of Maitreya is Rededication day, a day in which we celebrate when we are initiated, and born into God.

After listening to a Satsang from Maitreya, I contemplated deeply about how this Mission could be spread in a greater way with the talents that God had given me. One day I said to Maitreya that the Mission needed a video to spread its message, and in the Communities of Light, you can not complain without bringing a solution. Later I had a vision of the introduction to a video. This vision became a poster for the Mission.

A picture is worth a thousand words. I saw a picture of three men hanging from crosses, and in that moment saw a vision for a video of the story of Maitreya. Fifteen months ago, I started working on a script and video that is now called The Mystery of God Revealed (Revelation 10:7 Bible KJV). The project grew from the original 20 minute video project into a 2 hour story and documentary that is still evolving. Much was learned from writing the script and working on the video, and amazing discoveries and revelations came during the process: prophecies from the Dead Sea Scrolls that are not in the Tanuhk or Bible that are for parts of Maitreya's life - the final script printed before the video was started was 77 pages (Maitreya is the Seventh angel of revelation, God created the world in seven days, and 7 is the perfect number of God ) - the song that introduces Maitreya in the video called Lucid Dreams was 7:00 minutes - The first option for the Supernova special effect from GIMP that was used to create the DVD cover was called Adam7 [Maitreya is Adam reincarnated as the seventh angel of Revelation [Revelation 10:7 Bible KJV] - permission from a painter to use images from the period of The Bab (Ivan LLoyd). There were many amazing moments during the making of this video.

Maitreya and the Round Table reviewed the first video, and it was not found to be perfect. The video became a Mission project (of course it always was), to be reviewed by the members of the Round Table. Every single frame is being reviewed, and has been for the last 6 months. Some frames (9-12 seconds) have consumed 30 or more minutes of discussion. One night a discussion led to the revelation by Maitreya that Moses had prophecies of two prophets, not just one (Deuteronomy 18:15 and 18:18). I have no idea when the video will be completed, but have come to understand that it will be done when it is perfect. Each week I watch the edits on my iPhone, and realize that the work is improving by God working through all of us, and I am deeply humbled and grateful. The greatest lesson I have learned from this project was from the teachings of Maitreya; no one man has the solution, only God does. This work is just a raindrop.

Transcribing a Satsang so that others can read the words of Maitreya's wisdom is a raindrop. Talking with someone about the truth you have found, or answering a question in an e-mail is a raindrop. Talking to people on Paltalk, reading THOTH out loud in the chat rooms, attending MOM meetings or transmission meditation, setting up a website, setting up a meditation yoga center, creating a virtual New Jerusalem , editing THOTH so that the world can read it in eBook format on iPhones or Kindles, each action for the Mission of Maitreya is a raindrop. It takes many raindrops to form a stream. It takes many streams to form a mighty river. It takes a mighty river to cut a canyon through the rock of humanity's ego so that the Kingdom of Heaven can be brought to Earth. Each action we do for the Mission is a raindrop.

Thank God for the Son which provides us light and life by his words of Wisdom. Thank God for the majestic mountain of Maitreya's teachings, which collects the raindrops and snow that will form mighty rivers to provide us with waters of life and truth ..... and thank God for raindrops.


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