THOTH In a New Format

We just purchased a new bookmaking software called Indesign, by Adobe. It is supposed to be very powerful and easy to use. We bought this software for two reasons:

1. It is from Adobe and so will lend itself to be converted to Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. PDF files can be easily converted to eBooks.

2. Isaac, who has volunteered to work to transfer THOTH to Indesign, is familiar with the software. He used it in high school to create their newspaper.

For these two compelling reasons, we are going to try this professional software to create the new edition of THOTH for publishing. Also, hopefully, this will help us put THOTH in eBook form easily for anyone to read it in their eBook devices.

We may also be able to have THOTH formatted for Kindle (the eBook reading device from Amazon - and other devices.

One thing for sure: God has created all these wonderful technologies, and has given us the ability to have access to them, so we will use them for His Work, and so we are.

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