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Florida, South, Miami area

I was planning to have a meeting with Tahirah and her friendover, to create the testimonial video. But two of us were under the weather and not feeling well, so it had to be re-scheduled.

I started a new job, and was figuring out how the EDP would fit into my daily work schedule. It's been 2 years since I have been employed. It is easier to meditate, read THOTH etc when I only have to worry about a study/school schedule. Now I am with new people for 12 hours shifts at a time and having to take care of patients. Much harder to just go in a quiet corner and quietly read or meditate. So I had to find a way that EDP can fit into that 12 hour shift , so I can serve God, elevate my Spirit and make money. I am pleased to report that the EDP can be practiced effortless while being employed. I know it will make me a better worker.

I have been thinking about how best I can serve this Mission. I am not good at spreading the word. But I am good at working and making money. So I have decided I will focus on ways that I can use this talent. ATTG that I was able to get employment at difficult times like this, and I am glad it can all be returned to Him through tithes.

I remain God's servant,

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