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Canada, Quebec area


During the last month, I set up the two calendars of the Mission: the Lunar Calendar and the Solar Calendar for the next year 011992beginning March 26, 2009 for the Lunar Year and March 20, 2009 for the Solar Year. Those calendars show the whole year and the Feasts and Holy Days of the Lordat one sight.

For more information on those calendars, go to the web site: Or you will find the Calendar of God in the Revelations (under Introduction in the menu).

If you have any questions about the Calendar of God, send your questions (French or English) to Radah. If I cannot answer, I will forward the question to the Mission Of Maitreya.

The calendars are inone Microsoft Excel file (2 tabs). You can also open the file with OpenOffice which is free on the net at:

If someone prefers to receive the file through email, let me know, and I will be pleased to send the file directly:



Note: We encourage other contacts also to send in their monthly reports to the Mission to be added to this column!

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