Two Interesting Letters
We Received Last Month

We received two letters last month that we thought would intrigue you and further give you the realization that the Mission is indeed saying the Truth and God is with us. From now on, whenever we have some interesting emails from people, we will post them here so everyone can become familiar with their contents. This will also help you know the new Truths that we have found, which are not in THOTH and the other literature of the Mission, that support the Mission teachings.

The first email was from a person who seemed to say that Maitreya does not know what he is talking about, Islam is from the devil, etc. He was using the verse in the Old Testament (OT) when the angel told Hagar about Ishmael:

the angel of the lord declared unto Hagar his mother exactly what kind of man he was going to be and it began with 'wild as a donkey'

The answer to this verse is obvious:

There has much being added to the Bible, by carnal minds. Do not trust everything you read. That is why we need the Prophets to come and take the changed places out and Reveal what God has intended for man to Know. The Truth is that God told both Abram (Abraham) and Moses that a Prophet also will come from Ishmael. That is well Revealed in our teachings. So what you say is your creation and is based in wrong assumptions. This, humanity should understand.

Indeed it is God who has predicted all these will happen and they have. So your assertions that Ishmael was a wild man and He was not a Prophet, and Muhammad is from Devil, are made based on these wrong assumptions. God indeed promised both to Abram (father of Ishmael) and Abraham (father of Isaac) that a Prophet (Major Manifestation) will come from them both. He also Promised the Scepter (Spiritual Kingly position) to both as well. Christ came as the King of the Jews and Muhammad lived like a King. The Words of God are indeed all Fulfilled and we are at the end time.

In an argument typical between Jews/Christians and Muslims, he replied:

of course, it's the first line of defense for every red-blooded Muslim 'the bible is corrupted'

please, give me the verses in the bible thatsustain your claim that a prophet will comes from Ishmael

After we told him that we are not Muslims, he was very surprised that even people who are not Muslims believe the Bible has been changed.

In regard to his request that we give him the verses in the Bible that sustain our claim that a Prophet will come from Ishmael, the answer was:

To know how God promised both Abram and Abraham that a Prophet will come from them, read the book: CHILDREN OF ABRAM (ABRAHAM), "ALL PROPHECIES ARE FULFILLED."

In the case of Moses we refer you to two verses that God revealed to Moses, to tell the children of Abraham (Israel). They are verses: Deuteronomy 18: 15 and18. Notice in the verse 15 it says that He will raise a Prophet from the midst of thee, and in the verse 18 God says, from among their brethren. The first one was Christ who came from the Jews, from the midst of them, and Prophet Muhammad was, from among their brethren. who are Arabs. This Jews and Christian knew as they accepted Muhammad in the beginning and then rejected Him when they realized that He did not make them superior to others. Indeed His wife, Khadijah, went to her Christian cousin to confirm that He (Muhammad) indeed had received a Revelation from God, and is the one whom Jews and Christian were waiting for.

Indeed there is no need for the Jews, Christians and Muslims to fight (for that matter no one should). They all have received their Revelations from One True God and are One in Him. God has been in control all this time. He is the Father of all humanity and is indeed in control. It is man who separates by his misunderstandings and dogmas.

These two pieces of evidence (and many others as well) clearly show that God already had a plan to send a Prophet from the Arabs as well. We are not sure if the e-mailer even read the book Children Of Abram (Abraham), as in his next reply he kept insisting that the two verses in Deuteronomy are for Christ, when it is clear that God is talking about "from the midst of them" (Jews) and "from among their brethren" (Arabs). He also start bringing up the rituals followed by the Jews (in their holidays), etc. and if we follow them! It was clear that his cup was full and no matter what is poured into it, it will overfloweth! So we ended the conversation nicely and wished him good luck.

The second email was from the individual in Canada (British Columbia) who has recently found the Mission. He has been a Christian, a Muslim, and a Bahai, and has practiced Kriya Yoga. So he is familiar with Islam. He wrote:

It seems to me that Prophet Muhammed did proclaim the coming of Maitreya in the Shahadah or the Declaration of Faith. Many Muslims believe that this declaration is the key to paradise:

The famous follower Wahb ibn Munabbih was once asked;

"Isn't the statement of"La ilaha illa-lah"the key to Paradise?"
He answered;

"Yes! Butevery key has ridges. If you come with the key that has the right ridges, the door will open for you. Yet if you do not have the right ridges the door will not open for you."

If they are right that this statement is the key to paradise then it may be because it has an inner and outer as well as a past and present meaning. The present, inner meaning being that Muhammad is a Messenger of God and thus endowed with the same Essence as all other Messengers so to say that Muhammed is the Messenger is the same as saying that Jesus Christ is. The present, inner meaning, the one with seven ridges, could be that it is not Muhammed who founded Islam who is meant in this statement but rather Maitreya's given name [note: Muhammad is Maitreyas birth name].

In this case then the Shabadah is the key to paradise because it is a pledge to Maitreya and the EDP!

Indeed the Seven Seals are the Seven Ridges of the Key!

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