Yearly Report of the State of the Earth Since We Sent Out the Letter to Humanity
(God Is Calling You)

It was two years ago (March 2, 2007) that we sent the Letter To Humanity (God Is Calling You, The Last Call). It is a good time to look back and see the state of the earth and what has happened since!

1.Collapse of the economy.

2. Increased tensions between governments.

3.Most wars have had economical reasons behind them!

4.Unusual weather and global warming.

Collapse of the economy:
It is no secret that the world economy is in deep trouble. They call it a recession and/or depression. However, there are many signs that it has never been like this before. Every day we hear that something new and unexpected has happened that even economists did not know about, or was more severe than they thought possible.

Many governments think by throwing money at the problem they will solve what is happening. It is like giving the dinosaurs more food and hoping this will prevent them from extinction. It might help them a little bit, but what will happen when they will even become larger and need more food!

To the present leaders it seems logical to inject more money into the economy. However, as our teachings clearly show, when the end of a period in the cyclical movements of economy and history has been reached, it is time to ease up to the next cycle. Otherwise it will happen by much suffering and upheaval!

None of these leaders have heeded our warnings and still do not. None of them are saying, or know, what will happen when the next recession comes. Will they throw more money at it? Will they even have more money to throw at what is coming? They probably have already sold the future of our children. The question is still unanswered: Where will all this spending come from?

Maybe many bought houses that they could not afford (and so their assets became toxic ones). What about the government, doesnt the same law apply to them? Can they spend the money that they cannot afford?

Babylon the Great indeed is falling. Come out of it, create COLs, Communities that are self-sufficient, share, and ride these waves like skilled surfers. What we have predicted in the Letter To Humanity, is already coming true!

Increased tensions between governments: Many nations have already called for calm among governments. They are asking that no one start the protectionist attitude to save only their economy and interests. However, the tensions among nations are already increasing. Would these governments heed to their own warnings? If the history is an indication of what is coming, they will not. It only takes one government to break rank, and the fall will follow.

Most wars have had economical reasons behind them: Another lesson of history is that: Economy is the base of most wars. The nations which dominated others economically prospered. This, many nations know. That is why the political maneuvering and armies are used for this end. Even nations with high ideals eventually fall into this temptation. Their idealism leaves through the back door, and the human desire to live better than others enters into their calculations.

We have even given a solution for this irresistible urge in humans. This easily can be solved by reaching to the space. The reason for this behavior is that the resources have been limited on earth since the fall of man. Now God has shown man that he can have access to the unlimited resources of the space. This all can be had if man follows Gods Way and realizes the Goal Of Life Is To Be(Come) Divine. Indeed this whole creation has been created for this purpose.

Unusual weather and global warming: This topic no longer needs any explanation. By now everyone knows that the earth is becoming warmer. The weather patterns are changing, and the ice caps are melting in both poles. There is no doubt that we have to do whatever we can to solve this problem. The most effective way is to export our industrial and polluting activities to other un-inhabited planets, and create the New Science (Metatronic Science) which is based on nature and has no pollution.

Of course when the Kingdom comes the earth will no longer be cursed. The Metatronic Science will help to bring the Garden Of Eden back to earth. However, this time man should learn the lessons of the last 12,000 years and Listen to God and His Laws, so he will not be cursed again!

So we can see within two years of the Letter to Humanity many things have already manifested as warnings to man. Will they listen and repent, put sackcloth on and ashes in their hair as the people of Nineveh did, so God forgive them?

With all these signs, and much more, humanity still does not see the Hand of God in all these. They still think they are in charge. However, when God sends a Revelation, it is the beginning of a new era. All through history (His Story) after a Prophet comes, the human destiny changes. This time the shift is toward the Fulfillment of Gods Promises of the end time and coming of the Golden Age.

Willyou be one of those who will be with God? Or will you resist, as many will, and stay in darkness for eons? The time of decision is here, NOW. Read the Letter To Humanity once again. The lines are drawn on the sand!

Other events that have happened in the previous years as precursors to what is happening now, that you might want to search and read more about:

#1 - "10 Countries Sign to Join European Union: During a momentous ceremony in the cradle of democracy, the leaders of 10 countries signed treaties here today to join the European Union, extending its reach to a broad swath of Europe once allied with the Soviet Union.

At the same time, leaders of the 15 countries already in the union sought to bridge the profound rifts between them that had been opened by the war in Iraq...."

It has been Prophesied that these countries will not get along (mix). We can see this is happening right in front of our eyes.

#2 - Increased animosity and hatred among fundamentalists of all religions.

#3- Increased expectations that the "end times" are here.

#4 - Breakdown of the family continues. In the US, only 25% of the children are in families with a father and mother.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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