Picture of the New Man

In our last Newsletter we used the picture of the New Man by Salvador Dali. In fact the first time we looked at the picture it did not look that interesting. After we looked at the enlarged version, little by little, it dawned on us how striking and relevant it is! A struggling man trying to be released (born) from a womb symbolizing the earth (with continents on it) to a New Man: Doesnt that sound like the creation of the Paravipras (Elects) on earth! What we did not realize were the interesting facts about the picture!

1. He painted that painting in 1943 (one year before Maitreya was born; beginning of the creation of the New Man)!

2. Someone found out that: He died 11 years before the Revelation of the Seven Seals (11, the number of Christ)!

3. Another person realized that: The New Man is emerging from the West (mostly US and Canada). Does this mean the Revelation will come from the West and spread to the rest of the earth! Another person, after hearing this said: that was an amazing discovery with the New Man emerging from the United States. God is truly with this Mission. I still have chills thinking about it.

If you found incidents like these, let us know (not that we need any more proof J). However they are interesting and inspiring to know/hear again and again!

NOTE: We are aware that Salvador Dali was not the most spiritual person in the world. To some he was even gross. That shows that God can, and does, use anyone to manifest His Work. Such examples are ample all through history!

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