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SL - We have started advertising New Jerusalem within the SL virtual world which has brought several new people to visit. In an attempt to connect better with these visitors, a presentation has been created for those who first arrive on the island. It has also been suggested that we work towards placing virtual billboards throughout SL to get the message out the best we can. This will be coming up shortly, until then those who visit will learn how to reach the Mission web site through the slide viewer and offers of a direct link. I must admit that through all these improvements and changes, some things have been left undone. So if you notice any issues that do not look correct or need improvement, please let me know at

In an attempt to make SL as profitable for the Mission as possible, any ideas or thoughts on how to improve New Jerusalem would be appreciated. As I said above, we are advertising this endeavor within SL and are getting more people arriving than before. These suggestions can cover any and every aspect of presenting the Mission teachings or improving the grounds. Send you suggestions to the same email above.


Note: You need to download the SL program, install it, etc. before you can access the island.

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