THOTH Readings
in the Morning

Sal-Om everyone,

The Mission continues to reach out through the Paltalk rooms on the Internet. Furthermore, in the "All Religions Unified by Maitreya the Expected One" room at 5:50 AM MST, Mission members as well as others can gather for morning prayer and THOTH readings.

Currently we have four volunteers that read from THOTH in Paltalk, and we would like more to join us. This is a great way for a person to further familiarize him/herself with the Teachings, as well as great practice in using his/her voice and breath in much better ways while reading and talking.

Gathering in Paltalk rooms also allows the Mission members from all around the world to know each other better and create a true cyber community.

If anyone would like to join in with the group reading of
THOTH, please feel free to contact Unus ( or Ananda Ma (

All Thanks to God.


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