The Yearly Sabbath Celebration

Sal-Om everyone,

As it is written by Maitreya in THOTH, Essays 1, Tablet Fourteen, Feasts And Holy Days Of The Lord verse 16-17:

"In chapter 23 of Leviticus, the feasts and Holy Days which the Lord had commanded for humans to observe are listed. He commanded them to be observed for ever and ever."

We have been celebrating the Passover and Feast of Tabernacles, byjoining together in our PalTalk room, "All Religions Unified," forthewhole Feast of Tabernacles and for the opening evening of the Passover.

Another Holy Day commanded to be kept by God, the yearly Sabbath.It is written in Essays 1, Tablet 14, verse 29, number 7:

7- After the Sabbath after the seventh day (Sabbath after the twenty-first of the first month), fifty days, another yearly Sabbath, a holy convocation, with no servile work.

The yearly Sabbath will be celebrated this year on Sunday, June 7th (Shakti 15 inthe Calendar of God). This Sabbath falls on different days each year.

Maitreya has spoken of this Sabbath in Satsang, and refers to it in Commentaries on St. Matthew, Tablet 19, verses 8 - 25, where He commentsin verse 25:

"Therefore, he fulfilled his promise of staying in the heart of the earth for three nights and three days by being in the cave from Wednesday (the yearly Sabbath) until Saturday afternoon, the Sabbath."

We invite all to join us in the celebration of this Holy Day of the Lord. For those who would like, we do The Reminder, followed by a 30-minute reading from THOTH, and then 30 minutes of silent meditation in the "All Religions Unified" room every Sunday - Wednesday and Friday morningsfrom 5:50 AM to 7 AM MST (on Thursdays and Saturdays we have a full service at 5:30 - 6:30AM and PM, MST). All are always invited, however, being as thisyearly Sabbath falls on a Sunday this year, wouldn't this be a great way to start togetherthe celebration ofGod's yearly Sabbath?

Ananda Ma

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