Meaning of the New Header
of Our Newsbrief


I am sure you have noticed that the header for our Newsbrief has dramatically changed from previous editions. You might be wondering why and what this new header means.

It started from the last Newsbrief we sent out. We changed the header a little bit. Then, after the last edition, we worked on changing it again and eventually ended up with this one, which seems to express what we wanted to do.

You have to start from the left side of the header. It is Christ, who has brought a Book (in His right hand). The Book is the one that is Sealed with the Seven Seals (Revelation chapter 5). He is the only One who can open it, and He has. He is also the Seventh Angel who will sound the last Trumpet (The Message of God to man).

The Trumpet and the sound of it is the Call to everyone (All) to come and Join Him to return to God. The Message of His Call is The Greatest Sign (rested inside the "C"). The Greatest Sign shows how all the major religions on earth are Unified to One Path (Eternal Divine Path). It Unifies all the religions and Reveals that there is only:

1 World
1 Humanity
1 Savior
1 God

Indeed this header is the Call to all humans to come and see what God has done. This Newsbrief is the Most Important Message humanity has received at these last days before the coming of the Kingdom (Golden Age).

That is why it is urgent for you to forward this email to everyone. It is why you are called: To make everyone to realize that this Call is from Christ and is for everyone. That is why everyone should help this Mission in every way they can.

The Urgency of our Call cannot be over-emphasized!

Note: Notice that the Second Seal (symbol of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth - KOHOE) in The Greatest Sign (GS) falls on the center of the shadow of the GS. The center of the GS represents God. The sign of the KOHOE over the shadow of the center of the GS means God is the True King of the KOHOE!

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