H1N1 Flu Prevention

In protecting yourself from H1N1, it has been recommended that you wash your nostrils with salt water. Maitreya introduced the Half-Bath to the Mission, which includes the washing of the nostrils, more than thirty years ago. If you take a Half Bath (HB) regularly, your immune system will be very strong. Indeed the possibility that you are infected by viruses which make many people sick will become minimal. Maitreya also revealed the Quarter Bath (QB), which is meant to be a more flexible way to cool the body in different situations. If you like, you can add the washing of the nostrils to the process. It is also recommended to wash your hands often.

Other factors besides for what is recommended above are also at work, such as your diet, exercise, meditation, inner-cize (yoga), environment, and all the elements of the Prerequisites of Spiritual Life.

In addition to these, there are many other things you can do that further prevent the spread of viruses and diseases. They include:
       1. Washing of the colon
    2. Thoroughly washing and cleaning your anal area with water after going to the bathroom (toilet paper does not do the job - hemorrhoid problems and colon cancer are often the result of not washing with water)
    3. Pouring water on the genital area after each urination (it cools the second chakra, help to prevent yeast infection and prostate problems - including cancer).
    4. Taking your shoes off when you enter your house or dwelling area (this is even more important than washing your hands; the bottoms of our shoes are much dirtier than our hands)
     5. Taking a full bath often
     6. Cleaning indoor and outdoor pets thoroughly
     7. Etc.

Maitreya will soon write an article on added exercises and practices, in addition to the prerequisites of spiritual life. Indeed He will introduce a new dance for women called Tandavi (in the tune of Tandava for men). We need someone who is a good dancer to create a video of the movements so we can have it in the website before the article can be written.

If you are a good female dancer, let us know at tandavi@maitreya.org. If you are familiar with traditional Indian dance, that would be even better!


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