Contact/Light Bearer Biographies

So far, the information about Contacts (Light Bridges) and Light Bearers on the website has been very minimal, mostly just an address and contact information. However, being in the same state or country as someone else does not necessarily mean you will connect well or be able to help them very much. Now that Contacts do not have to be living in their contact areas, you may not even have location in common anymore (for more information, see the article about the new Contacts policy in this Newsbrief).

Therefore, we have decided to give Contacts, which includes both Light Bridges and Light Bearers, the option of writing a few sentences about themselves to put in their listings.

We encourage you to start a website and present it to the Mission to be approved (receive the Seal Of Approval). Put in it whatever is appropriate and is about the Mission. Add your profile to your website and we will connect your name in the contacts list in the Mission website to that profile page.

The purpose of these biographies or profiles would be to make people feel more comfortable or enthusiastic in contacting you. For example, if you write that you enjoy volunteer or charity work, someone who also enjoys the same thing might be more likely to contact you. Even if that person is not from your contact area, there will be a shared interest, and you may be able to connect with him and help him more because of it.

Therefore, these biographies could include age, hobbies, interests, how you found the Mission, or whatever you would like to share. If you are not living in the area you are a Contact for, you could explain your connection to that place (perhaps you lived there at one point, have friends there, have a great interest in the culture, etc.). Try to keep your profile as short as possible, and focus on what you think you could connect with others the most about.

Of course, if you do not wish to write one, there is no obligation to do so. If you do decide to write one, please send the URL of the page it is in to ATTG.


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