Development of Temporary Categories

Based on the addition of the Light Bearer category last month, the Round Table has been talking more and more deeply about what the Mission organization and structure should be like at this time. After much discussion, we have developed a new, more organized, and more beautiful set of names for the different categories in the Mission. This new system, which will be temporary until full manifestation of the final Hierarchy, is listed briefly below, with more detailed explanations following:

1. Lights in Darkness The whole of humanity

2. Light Seekers Members

3. Light Bridges Contacts

4. Light Bearers More than contacts

5. Light Workers Those who live and work close to the

6. Light Guides Leaders and Teachers

7. Lights in Light - Elders

There is Light (the Essence of God) in every human. However, those that do not accept the Mission and Maitreya are lost in darkness (Maya, ego, the illusion of separation from Him). They are the Lights in Darkness. This was previously known as unofficial Member (as everyone in the world is a Mission member, whether they realize it or not).

Once a person sees the Vision, he joins the Mission and begins his struggle back towards God (Light). He is a Light Seeker (official Member).

Contacts connect others to the Mission and God (Light). They are Light Bridges. If they prove themselves to be exceptionally dedicated, and spread the Light of the Mission to their community and the world, they become Light Bearers. These first three categories, Seeker, Bridge, and Bearer, fall under the support group described in the essay Covenant with God, or the Mission of Maitreya (Maitreya) (Supplements, THOTH).

Those Light Bearers that move to the Center and become completely dedicated are the Light Workers. They are the staff of New Jerusalem. From the Light Workers, those with leadership, teaching, or other exceptional and important abilities will emerge. Using these skills, they will guide the Mission administration and activities, as well as guide others according to Gods Will. They collectively will guide humanity towards a greater understanding of Maitreyas teachings and Gods Plan for the universe. They are the Light Guides (The Guiding Lights). These two categories, Worker and Guide, are the Light Workers described in the essay Covenant with God, or the Mission of Maitreya (Maitreya) (same link as above).

The Elders will oversee, advise, and correct the entire system. Their wisdom and understanding flows directly from God. They are surrendered and submitted to His Will, and channel His Light. They began as Lights in Darkness, struggled for many lifetimes to return to the Lord, and are now Lights in Light.

Not only do these names have great symbolic meanings, and reaffirm that humanity is One (all the names have Light in them, connecting everyone to each other and to God), but they are also easy to remember and distinguish. Since each of the main categories has Light as the first word, they can be referred to by the second word only, if so desired, with Light becoming implied. So, the categories are: Seeker, Bridge, Bearer, Worker, Guide. Both unofficial Members and Elders (Lights in Darkness and Lights in Light) are outside of the Hierarchy itself, so their names are different. This makes the system very logical, intuitive, and easy to understand.

These seven categories will allow us to form the Facilitating Body to manifest the ultimate Hierarchy. However, none of these activities will be complete without realizing that we have two other categories necessary for the Kingdom of God to be fully realized. These two categories are: The Greatest Light, and The Ultimate Light. The Greatest Light is the First Begotten Son, and The Ultimate Light is God or Pure Consciousness. Together, these are the Source from which all Light shines. With these two added, the system is as follows:

1. Lights in Darkness

2. (Light) Seekers

3. (Light) Bridges

4. (Light) Bearers

5. (Light) Workers

6. (Light) Guides

7. Lights in Light

8. The Greatest Light

9. The Ultimate Light

We will begin transitioning from the old names to these ones in the website, the Newsbrief, etc. If anything is unclear, or you have any questions about this change, please email us at

Remember that, like anything else, these titles and categories should never become a source of separation or ego trips. On the path to Pure Consciousness, no spirit is more or less than any other; we are all Divines (Lights), and One with the Creator and each other. However, for us to be effective, it is important to distinguish the different jobs in the Mission and understand everyones responsibilities, progress, and Dharma. All of these names are beautiful, and should be a source of joy and harmony, not discord. In the Final stage we are the Essence of God, and shall return to Him, but we have separate parts to play! All thanks to the Father.


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