Become a Contact for Any State and/or Country, Etc.

You no longer have to be living in a state, country, region, etc. to be a contact for that area. We have had Hosanna living in Albuquerque while he continued to be a contact for Missouri. It gave us an idea: Maybe more people can do this! The reason he stayed a contact was because there were no other contacts in Missouri and he was familiar with the area. Why should not being in Missouri physically prevent him from continuing to be a contact for that state?

If we expand this logic: Anyone who is familiar with an area in the world can be a contact for that area, although you might not be living there. For example, Noor lived in Massachusetts and Boston during his college years. So he qualifies to become the contact for those areas. Or, if someone was born in another country and now lives in the US, they qualify to become a contact for the country they were born in, although they no longer live there.

With this new expansion of who can become a contact, we will be able to increase the number of contacts for the Mission and give more people a way to contact someone who can help them to become a part of the Mission. In fact, because of this change, we already have four new contacts: For Colorado, Massachusetts, England, and New York!

So if you think you can qualify to become a contact for any region on earth, let us know at


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