Light Bearers

We are happy to announce that Unus, Mandala, and Tahirah have become the first Light Bearers for the Mission of Maitreya! ATTG for their service and dedication, and we rejoice in this next step to seeing even more fruit from them. You will find their reports in the new Reports from Light Bearers section of the Newsbrief.

Of course, Unus and Mandala are already members of the Round Table. However, since they are not living close to the Mission Center, they will also take the responsibility of Light Bearer for their areas. Those that live and work close to the Mission Center are known as Light Workers and/or Light Guides, and have different obligations (for more information, see the article in this Newsbrief about the new categories for the Facilitating Body). Remember, as always, these names and positions should not create division and ego, but only understanding of everyones skills and duties and fulfillment of each individuals Dharma in the Mission and the world. ATTG.


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