New Contacts

Colorado: An old friend and a new contact for Colorado, Sharon Bynum (Shirin), has returned to the Mission after she took time out for rest and rejuvenation (a sabbatical). For seven years she and Ananda Ma were the most prominent voices in our room "All Religions Unified..." on Paltalk. Now that she is ready again to tackle the time and energy that the Mission needs and demands in order to do a Perfect Job, she has volunteered to become the contact for Colorado.

Of course, as we know her, she could not stay idle. Although she was supposed to rest she has sent us a report of what she was doing in this period of time (last year or so) for the Mission.

England: Our Missouri contact who lives in Albuquerque:), has volunteered to become the contact for England as well. Hosanna, who sent a report this month for Missouri, will also be handling England (he served most of his years in the military there). He also is a member of the Round Table, he is the person who handles Second Life and is in the process of arranging for a meeting between Maitreya and Hopi tribes (did we mention he also works full time!). Sometimes he says he is very tired. We wonder why:).

New York: Ananda Ma, our long-time soldier, was born in Albany, New York. She adamantly declared that she can easily become a contact for the New York state. She has been working for the Mission for the last 22 years. Most of the Satsangs and some of the literature in the Mission has been typed by her (after she read this, she protested, saying God had done it, not her :)). She has also helped in many other capacities and levels in the Mission, and has never said 'no' to any service asked of her. She and Shirin were partners for seven years in handling the "All Religions Unified..." room on Paltalk. She also says she is sometimes tired, and we wonder why:).

Massachusetts: Noor, Maitreya's son, who recently finished his education from Tufts University in Boston, will be serving as the contact for the state of Massachusetts. Now that his education is complete, he has decided to dedicate his life completely to the Mission. Indeed he has been instrumental in many recent changes you have seen happening over the last few months in the Mission. He is a member of the Round Table, and in charge of many works in progress in the Mission. We hope he will be as effective in this role as he has been in doing the Mission so far. He has not yet complained that he is tired:).

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