Changes to Mission
Services on Paltalk

The Mission services (the Reminder, Thursday and Saturday services, etc.) in the All Religions Unified room on PalTalk have been automated. At the scheduled times, the correct recordings will automatically play, and afterwards the room will return to the 24/7 readings. The way this was done made it necessary to add silence to some of the recordings, so you may now notice 10-15 seconds of silence before and after the Call to Prayer, the Reminder, etc. This may end up to be a good thing, as it gives us a chance to calm ourselves and bring our minds to the service. For sure, you will no longer hear things like the beginning of another Reminder recording playing after the first one finishes, and the services will always be exactly on time!

Also, as many of you have likely realized, we have added something to the Saturday evening service. Instead of putting the readings back on during the transmission meditation from 6:00-6:30 PM MST, there will be silence in the room. After the meditation finishes, at 6:30 PM MST, a voice will come on explaining what happens in the Communities of Light after the Sabbath is over. Then, a gong will ring 7 times, and the writing, Community Unity Meeting, will be read. This has been added because, during the Feast of Tabernacles, it was brought up that this writing is very important and beautiful, but those who are not in the Center do not have the opportunity to hear it read after their Sabbath finishes. Now they do :)! ATTG.


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