Three Strikes
and You Are Out

In our Seekers (Members) Meeting this month, an interesting thing happened. Brad, one of the old members in the Mission, told us that he had been talking to his friends about the Native American Prophecies that we have been posting in the Newsbrief for the last few months.

One of his friends was impressed and told Brad that he knows an influential person in Hopi leadership. He sent Brad an email with the name and the phone number of this person. Brad was wondering if we could use it. We decided that it might be useful. Brad emailed the name and the phone number of this person to the Mission. Of course, it would be ineffective for me to call this person and tell him that I am the White Brother from the East they are waiting for. I wonder how many people do that every month!

We discussed this matter in our Round Table meeting and Hosanna came up with a brilliant idea. He said: How about doing the same thing the Hopis did to the United Nations? They approached the UN three times to have an audience with the leaders of the world. They would wait for a year after each rejection and the next year would approach them again. According to their Prophecies, if the UN (The House of Glass) rejects them three times, and they wait for one year between each approach, they are done with the UN and what they have to say will come true without the UN ever knowing and being forewarned about it (in the third attempt they were given an audience, although it was a very short one).

We will do the same thing. We will send a delegation to the Hopis and ask for an audience with them and their tribes. If they reject us three times, the same thing will happen to them as would have happened to the UN if the UN had not let them have an audience. If we are given the opportunity to present our case to them, then we are done with them, as they are now done with the UN. The UN did not listen to them; we hope they will listen to us.

Hosanna is working to see how we can do this. Anyone who is interested and is willing to be with this delegation is welcome to apply to be included. Send an email to: We will choose some of you to be in this group.

After this decision, it came to me: If this is such a brilliant idea, why not apply it to other groups as well? So, from now on, if you have enough people to form a delegation, we recommend you to approach any group in your area three times with one year intervals between your approaches. The more groups we approach this way, the more people will be aware of the Mission and the more people will be called to Join us. If they refuse to heed you after three approaches, then we leave them to God for sure.

This does not mean they have no other recourse. They always can come and join us. No matter who you are, if you reject the Mission, leave the Mission, etc., when you return to the Mission and God, God will rejoice as the father of the prodigal son did. Indeed He will rejoice more than if you stayed with Him all that time. Of course, this does not mean that you should keep leaving the Mission, thinking that you will be received as the prodigal son was! If many people do that, God might change His Mind J! Those who stay to the end will be Saved. This is also True for all those who will not accept the Mission. They always have the choice to come to the Mission and God. God will Rejoice when this happens.

However, the time is short and the Door is not open forever. The time is of the Essence and we have to reach to as many people and groups as we can.


Note: If you do not have a delegation to approach these groups, do it individually. Make a list of those you have approached and approach them again after one year. Do this at least three times. You can do this more than three times, if you like. However, if they keep rejecting the Mission, you might eventually decide to leave them to God. This also can be applied to individuals!

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