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US, California

Sal-OM everyone,

This month, I was exhausted from four months of very long hours at work. I had not been taking care of myselfand fell down.I reflected upon my life, and decided that I needed to make some changes so that I could maintain balance, and do more work for the mission. My work for the mission had suffered in the last few months. In the last few weeks I have made an effort to increase my meditation to twice a day, perform yoga once a day, eat only natural, mostly vegetarian foods, and get good sleep. It is only by treating our bodies well that we can do Gods work for the mission.

I was at the farmers market getting fresh fruits and vegetables, and I approached a stand that had always attracted me for some reason. I looked through the literature for a group called Jews against Zionism,andonly found articles about conspiracy theories. I passed out two business cards, and talked about religion and Maitreya. They looked at me and quickly said they were not religious Jews. All of a sudden, a 76 year old Middle Eastern man reached out his hand and asked for abusiness card. We started talking aboutreligion and the Mission. He told me he had started to read the Koran when he was five years old, and had been studying the religions of the world ever since. He asked me the one thing I thought when I had read the Koran. I told him it was the truth, and that the name given to me by my spiritual teacher was Mandala; a symbol that represents the effort to reunify with self. He smiled and opened up a book that he carried with him, and said That is not what a mandala is. Let me show you what a mandala is. He showed me a picture, and told me that a mandala is a burst of light. We talked for quite some time, and it turned out that he had read many of the world's religious scriptures in their original languages, including the Bayan (The Bab), and was well versed in the history of the religions and the Bahai Faith. At first, he dismissed the name Maitreya saying it was from the Buddhist religion, until I told him Maitreya was from Persia. His eyes lit up, and he said All the great prophets come from Persia.We have kept in contact, and he is currently reading THOTH.

There are several other people I have talkedwith about this wonderful mission this month including someone on the East coast whom I talk with once a month. The conversations are always very good. It is our duty to spread the good news of the most wonderful teaching that humanity has ever known. If only mankindknew what lay at their doorstep. God is surely with Him (Maitreya).

May Gods blessing and grace be with all of you.

All Thanks to God,


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