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There was an opportunity to distribute the Mission Introductory CDs in a different sort of way on a recent trip.

During a three week cross country RV trip in August, 2009 with Sarah, Rick and grandson Brody from Anchorage, Alaska to Colorado Springs, Coloradoa Mission CD was left for someone to find or discover at various and unique places. These included RV parks, laundry mats, gas stations, airports, restaurants, travel stops, tourist shops, and even vegetable stands and grocery stores, etc. Attached to the CD itself was a Mission Business card saying, "If you found this CD, it was meant for you".

These CDs were distributed from the Phoenix, Arizona airport to the Anchorage, Alaska airport. The route took us on the Alaska/Canada Highway going through Tok, Alaska through the Yukon Territory, Canada. Eventually we made it throughBritish Columbia to reenter the USA at Bellingham, Washington. We made many stops in the States leaving CDs in Portland, Oregon, across Idaho and Wyoming. As if on cue, the CDs ran out just as we arrived in Colorado.

There was no attachment to any outcome of who actually got the CDs or even feeling the need to try to pick someone out to give them to. They were simply left and God made sure whoever was supposed to get them indeed got them.

After arriving home in New Mexico and while selling some things through Craigslist, three different sets of people saw The Greatest Sign and expressed an interest. Of course, they got a CD too! What a great bargain they got!

Thanks God for this opportunity and the fun/joy of spreading the Mission Teaching in a very unique way.

Another aspect of outreach being used for the Mission has been Yahoo Answers. It requires a Yahoo Account to participate. It is a question/answer format which we have used and discussed before. Sometimes there are extremely good and sincere questions by people who are looking for something better than what they have. Sometimes it is just crazy snarky garbage to wade through and ignore. It is checked most every day in the Religion and Spirituality or Philosophy categories.

The neat thing about this Answer process is that not only is the "Asker" being responded to, but many others read the responses also and can click on the associated links. One person emailed and said how much he was enjoying the links being posted. Of course, I directed him to contact the Mission for further dialogue. Another time a lady in Georgia cussed me out for several emails until she realized she had misunderstood the point being made and stopped. She still saw the Mission teaching.

Mostly the Answers are general about the 7 Seals, Seventh Angel, Eternal Divine Path, and The Greatest Sign. If an Answer is copy/pasted from the Mission website there are "quotes" around the Text and a referral link in the bottom box for more research. Recently a person asked an Open Question about how Roman ideas are still influencing us today. He even emailed a request for a further reference link for deeper research so he was sent to
Commentaries on Prophecies in Daniel and again to the Mission directly.

The sense is that mostly these are young people using this Answers Format as there are a lot of school projects or research papers and sometimes presentations being done and they are wanting feedback. A lot of them are confused and their parents' way of doing things is not making sense. Some want to learn how to meditate or question about reincarnation. Free Will has been a topic of interest lately. 2012 is another popular one. It changes and has a flow of its own in response to current events or personal issues too.

So, these are some more things being done over the past year. All Thanks to God.


Note: Beside what has been done in the report above, as far as we (Mission) know, she and her husband have recorded beautiful readings of THOTH, and other activities, that you can find in her page in YouTube.

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