Reports From Light Seekers (Members)

1. Samuel sent us a letter explaining what he is doing for the Mission and how he spends his life concentrating on God and the Mission.  Since it was sent by regular land mail, we could not post the details here.  He lives in Las Cruces, NM.  He is the person who was very helpful in building the back room in the Mission for Maitreyi's mother to live in.  Another person who helped with this project was Hosanna.

2. Maverick, our recently joined Seeker (member) in Texas wrote:

  • Sent the Letter To Humanity to 20 churches. The total sent to Austin area churches stands at 155.
  1. Westminister Presbyterian                              11. Episcopal Student Center
  2. University Catholic Center                              12. Alpha Seventh-Day Adventist
  3. Trinity United Methodist                                 13. St John's Presbyterian
  4. Our Savior Lutheran                                       14. St Stephen's Missionary Baptist
  5. Texas Wesley Methodist                               15. St.Ignatius Catholic School
  6. Bethel Baptist                                                16. Milwood Baptist Church
  7. Full Gospel Holy Temple                               17. Austin Zen Center
  8. St Alban's Episcopal                                     18. United Christian Church
  9. Eternal Way center                                       19. Memorial United Methodist
  10. Lake Hills Church                                         20. Parmer Lane Baptist Church
  • Sent the Letter To Humanity to the following Spiritual Groups:
  1. Kryon
  2. Kuthumi School Of Wisdom
  3. Lightworkers
  4. Quado
  5. Oakbridge University
  6. Sol' Ara An
  7. Spirit Pathways
  • Sent The Letter To Humanity to the following Spiritual Authors:   
  1. Doreen Virtue- Angel Therapy
  2. Lauren C. Gorgo-
  3. Celia Fenn- Star Child Global
  4. Karen Bishop- Emerging Earth Angels
  5. Lisa Hepner-
  6. Dr. Bruce Goldberg- Past & Future Life Hypnotherapy
  7. David Aikman-
  8. John Major Jenkins- Alignment 2012
  • Sent The Letter To Humanity to the following Religious Groups:
  1. Congregation Beth Israel
  2. Network For Life
  3. The Ethical Society Of Austin
  4. Muslim Student Organization
  5. The Well
  6. Hill Country Intergroup
  7. Chabad Jewish Student Organization
  • Sent The Letter To Humanity to the Following Groups in Austin, Texas:
  1. Austin Volunteers Group
  2. Child free Austin Group
  3. Austin Christian Social Group
  4. Transmission Meditation
  5. South Austin Support Group

      One God          One Savior          One World          One Humanity

Maverick J. Viator (HOSH-REMINDER)

Light Seekers: This section is for the members of the Mission (Light Seekers).  If any member of the Mission is performing any outreach for the Mission, here is where they can send their monthly reports.  We hope all members of the Mission perform some outreach for the Mission and let us know what they are doing by sending a report for this page.

Note: We encourage everyone to send in their monthly reports to the Mission to be added to report pages!  The deadline is the 5th of each month.  The Newsbrief is usually sent out the 10th of each month.  Send your reports to:

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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