End of the 2009 Feast
of Tabernacles

By the time you receive this Newsbrief the 2009 Feast of Tabernacles will be over. Although we did not have many participants in the Center in New Mexico, we had many who came to our room in Paltalk and participated in many activities we had over the Internet.

We also had activities which were not broadcast over the Internet. For example, we had a Star Party where one of our members brought his telescopes to the Center, neighbors were invited, and everyone enjoyed looking at stars, the moon, Jupiter, etc. We usually render service to the neighborhood and clean the park in front of the Center; however, due to weather we performed some service indoors instead. At another time, we went to the mountains and enjoyed great air and scenery. We had wonderful food, organic vegetables from the farmers market and the Mission garden, apples from Dixon Apple orchards, and a package of wonderful pears which was sent to us that we all enjoyed (thanks Tahirah :) ).

We enjoyed all these, remembering God and Thanking Him for all these Blessings. Of course none of these are comparable to the experience of the Grace of God which pours to earth during the time of these Feasts. The whole year and all the endeavors we have done to Please God give Fruit in this Feast. It is the time when the Lord returns, the last days come, and the time of judgment is upon us.

That is why after this Feast, which Saves those who have made it and leaves behind those who have not, the feasts by pagans and those who are not Godly begin. It is between the time of this Feast and the Passover that pagans have chosen to have their feasts (going against God). They (those who are not Saved) then keep the feasts of the pagans, and those Godly people who have remained in the body suffer in this period until the Feast of Passover comes!

After the Passover, the time for Godly people to prepare for the Feast of the Lord begins again. They struggle (Jihad) through the year to Purify to Meet their Lord. When the next Feast of Tabernacles comes, hopefully they will hear the sound of the Trumpet and Atone for their sins, so they can Attune themselves to the Call of God. It is then that they are ready for the next Feast of Tabernacles. May we be of the Few Blessed Ones who do Receive the Grace of God in these Feasts, and may our Salvation be assured!

So let us all suffer in this period between the end of the Feast of Tabernacles and the coming of the Feast of Passover as the period of pagan activities begins. There will be much commercialization of their feasts and no (or very little) God will be remembered. Their feasts are based on ego and none will lead them to God and/or Salvation. Therefore, come out of them and prepare for the day of Salvation when we pledge ourselves to God by keeping the Passover Holy, and God will see if we are sincere in our Hearts!

When the Feast of Trumpets comes, we will be awakened easily, and will attune ourselves with His Will in the day of Atonement. We will then experience the Grace in the next Feast of Tabernacles. We have received our reward, and we will never go back to pagan ways!

God Is The Greatest.

Note: Special thanks to all those who volunteered to help for this Feast to happen (All Thanks go to God within them Who Is the Doer). Those in Albuquerque who did the most work. Those who read from our teachings on the Internet. Those who took the task of welcoming all to the Mission and gave testimonials. Those who participated in the talent night, etc.

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