2009 Feast of Tabernacles Audio Files

During the Feast we recorded the audio of the welcome session in Paltalk (the Welcome to the Feast and testimonials). We also have the audios of the two sessions we had with Maitreya and of the talent night. You can access all these audio files at our FTP site.

In that folder, look for the audio file you are interested in hearing. When you have found it (you might have to open some extra folders to access some of these files), either double click on it to hear the audio, or right click and save the file on your computer to access it later.

Since these files were recorded in MP3 format, you can put them on an MP3 player (such as an iPod) and take them with you to listen to whenever you want.

Enjoy and be(come) God's Words.

Note: We also recorded most of the readings in the room on Paltalk. They will be added to the rest of the audios we have in the "All Religions..." room. So we now have more readers whose voices are recorded, will be broadcasted, and will be replayed along with the ones we already have (thanks God)!

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