Reports from Contacts

US, North Carolina

Sal-Om to everyone,

I would like to report that this past month I have begun to participate as a reader for The Holiest of the Holies in the Mission's morning PalTalk service. I read each Monday and it is a pleasure to be able to do so. I also attend the services on a daily basis to keep connected and fellowship with the Mission and its members. I also spend a great deal of time in the Mission's PalTalk rooms listening to Maitreya, GIWH and to those who read from Mission writings. It is a great comfort, benefit and source of enjoyment to do that when I am working around the house in any manner.

For the past two months in my contact report I had offered that anyone who wanted copies of the Mission of Maitreya flyers that God designed through me could send me their snail mail address and I would mail them some. They could then make additional copies to use as they see fit (such as to post in libraries, health food stores, bookstores, universities, etc.). Both Tahirah and Maverick (from Austin, Texas) requested and were mailed flyers! I also continue to put up flyers in the Asheville area. This offer to send out flyers continues to be open to anyone just send me your address via email at

The Mission of Maitreya ad in finally looks very professional. The Greatest Sign that Noor sent to replace the other one came out clear and bold, and the wording in the ad is exactly as the final edited version that I received from the Mission. Anyone who would like to view it can go to, type in the city of Asheville, and Mission of Maitreya and that will bring the cover page up. To go to the actual ad click on view ad and you will see the wording and The Greatest Sign.

There is also a place where people can rate the establishment (in this case the Mission) by stars and by giving written feedback (which I hope is working properly; let me know if you have any problem using the rating system because if it is not working properly I will work with the person to get it fixed).

As an aside from my regular job I have been decorating cards and journals and selling these at festivals and craft shows from time to time. I have made a personal commitment to give 20% ofthe profits from said sales to the Mission, in addition to my regular monthly TITHE. All thanks to God for the joy His Grace brings to these activities both for the maker and the purchaser.

Finally I am delighted to say that I am currently back home (for a visit) to Mission Central in New Mexico! Everyone looks great and it is such a blessing that I will be able to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles in true Godly community style! Thanks God!

Keyosha, Asheville, North Carolina

*Note: We encourage other contacts also to send in their monthly reports to the Mission to be added to this column!

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