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Sal-Om MOM,

I continue translating The Holiest of the Holies, THOTH, The Last Testament to Turkish this month. I first study the part that I will translate thoroughly, like a text book and then translate it to Turkish. Translation is a little slower this way but it helps me to learn the teachings deeper, in a way that I can teach to others in the future. Right now I am studying and translating Universe and Man. ATTG.

I officially changed the name of the center that I run here to Beyond Mind Yoga Center. I offer yoga, pilates and meditation classes as a business. I changed the website for the center accordingly and offer only these services. In the near future I would like to open classes especially for pregnant woman and young couples who would like to have children.

I continue to reach out to people around me as well as in this region of the world with personal efforts, direct them to the Mission website and I invite people that are interested in the Teachings of Maitreya and the spiritual practices that the Mission offers such as the meditation process, Reminder, Kirtan, and keeping the Sabbath to join me in these activities. I do these mostly on my own but sometimes some people join me out of curiosity or interest.

Overall it's been a quiet month. It was the month of Ramadan for the Muslims and for the past 10 days the whole country is almost on vacation, celebrating the end of Ramadan. I am hoping this will end soon and activities will pick up some momentum again.

All thanks to God for blessing us with His Knowledge and Grace. ATTG.


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