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Sal-OM everyone,

I hope all of you are doing wonderfully (all thanks to God). As you know, the Feast of Tabernacles is about a month away. During the Feast, we usually read more often on Paltalk, in the afternoons as well as mornings. Therefore, we are asking for volunteers for these extra slots. Ananda Ma's normal reading time will also be open to volunteers during the Feast; this is because Ma and Sarah-ji have agreed to be backups for all the time slots. You can see the 2009 Feast schedule here: (click on each day to see specifics). The open slots look like this:
(____). There are 9 in total. The AM readings will be from the book of THOTH we are reading for that Feast, which this year is The Holiest Book. The PM readings are reader's choice from any Mission literature, but should be related to the theme of the year's Feast (this year, the Seventh Seal) or the Seal of the Day. Even if you have never read before, we would love to hear your voices. We are always a community united in dedication to the Mission, even if separated by a few miles :).

There are a few other special events which we need volunteers for as well:

On the 7th day, October 8th, we need a Moderator for the Talent Night. Hosanna was the moderator last year, so if you have any questions about it, you should contact him.

On the 3rd and 5th days, October 4th and 6th, Maitreya will be available to answer questions in Paltalk. If there are no questions, or while we are waiting for a new question to be asked, someone will read from Mission literature. Therefore, we need readers for these days. Since each session is 2 hours long, we are hoping to have multiple readers, maybe one for every hour or half an hour.

Finally, on the Welcome day, October 1st, we need someone to give the Welcome to the Feast. This is a longer piece, written by you, which introduces the Feast, discusses the Seal that this year's Feast focuses on, outlines the schedule, etc. Radah gave a beautiful Welcome last year, which you can read here: If anyone is feeling inspired about the Mission this year, this is a great way to express it. Also, of course, there will be time for testimonials after the Welcome is given, for anyone who has something to share.

If you would like to volunteer for any of these, please contact me at It would be the most helpful if you send a list of everything you are willing/able to volunteer for; that way there is more flexibility in the schedule and we can spread it all out evenly. We would ask that you send this in before September 20th. Together we can make this a great and Godly Feast! ATTG and Sal-OM.


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