Sal-Om Everyone,

www.ning.com is an easy to use technology platform which enables its users to create and join social networks to share similar interests and/or passions. It is a privately held company founded by Gina Bianchini and Marc Andreessen (founder of Netscape), based in Alto, California. As of now it has 1.3 million social networks created by its more than 30 million users.

http://beyondmind.ning.com/ is a social network that I started at Ning to become a platform to share and discuss input and ideas about a new project I would like to start for the Mission. It is a project to carry on the yoga centers that I am starting in Turkey to the United States and eventually all around the world.

You can join this social network at
http://beyondmind.ning.com/ and we can share ideas and experiences while testing the usefulness and functionality of this technology to create your own social network.


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