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US, North Carolina

Sal-OM everyone,

This past month I had planned to put up the flyers that I had designed for the Mission. I set a goal for myself to at least put up three flyers a week. All thanks to God...I was able to surpass that goal.

The flyers went up in many places such as universities, a library, and several health food stores. Also, besides putting flyers up in Asheville I was able to put some in Hendersonville and Black Mountain which are folksy, artsy, progressive type towns. I also met a few very nice people while putting up the flyers, had some interesting Godly discussions, and pointed them to the Mission web site. It's been really I guess God must be in the Doing and I am getting to be the Enjoyer! I really became even more aware that there are people waiting out there to learn about this Revelation.

Again I offer anyone that wants a copy of the flyers that I will mail you a few if you send your snail mail address to my email: you can have just as much fun putting them up, too!

Also, I had been trying to work on fine-tuning for the ad that is posted in about the Mission. The wording is not good/God at this point and I have been calling my contact person there...about three times. I am waiting for her to call me back so we can set up a time to change the text to where it should, the final version that the Mission had come up with for the ad. Isaac Noor emailed a great PDF of The Greatest Sign for the ad as well and I did recieve an email from the contact person at Yellowbook to say that she has submitted that one to replace the other one (which did not look very good.)

I have made plans, ATTG and everyone who helped out with this, to attend the Feast of Tabernacles, 2009, at the Mission in New Mexico. I am soo looking forward to being back in the Community for that time.

One last thing,...I have participated in the Divine Sister Thread...which is an email thread started by Sarah-Ji as an effort to keep some of the women in the Mission connected. It's been a true Godsend with a lot of Godly sharing and hearing of what everyone has been up to!

Sal-Om and Blessing to all,


*Note: We encourage other contacts also to send in their monthly reports to the Mission to be added to this column!

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