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You surely have a lot of questions. Most of them are answered in our website ( However, we will also briefly answer them here for you. This might help others in the future!

I have some questions about the eternal divine path.

Based on some video's and information I've found that you teach souls are reincarnated, and there are some Masters of the Universe.

Where do new souls come from? Thetotal population of the world is steadily increasing at all times.

There is only One Master and that is God!

There are infinite (very huge) numbers of souls in the manifested universe. What we have on earth is a drop in the bucket compared with what is in the universe. So it is not surprising that the population will increase and still there will be souls who are waiting to be incarnated. So being in the body is a rare opportunity for each soul. It is in the body that a soul can advance to grow in Spirit toward God (Oneness).

Is there a heaven/paradise?

Heaven and Hell are Here and Now! They are states of Consciousness.If you are in your lower nature, you are already in Hell. If you are in your Higher Self, you are in Heaven!

Is it possible for a human being to ascend to the level ofMaster of the Universe?

If one does, he will no longer be in the body. He will be One with the Master! Even Avatars have to have some Karma (defect) in order to stay in the body! Only Christ can fully manifest the Master, God (Me and the Father are One, as Christ said)!

Is there a hell? If yes, does that mean certain evil souls are destroyed and not reincarnated. If no, why did Jesus spend so much time talking about hell?

At that time, and even for many at this time, the concept of a Hell as a place is much easier to understand than it being a state of consciousness. That is why most religions, up to this point, used the easier way to explain it. Christ (Esa, his name never was Jesus) was not an exception!

Is there intelligent life on other planets? If yes, can a soul from that planet be reincarnated into someone born on this planet.

The possibility of beings living on other planets is more likely (statistically, based on the number of galaxies, stars, etc.) than not. Such an occurrence is, probably, rare. However, all things are possible with God.

Will Maitreya attempt to work towards setting up one world government?

If the Unity of man is achieved, one government for that unified body is unavoidable. How can the prayer, His Kingdom come, His Will be done on earth be Fulfilled if He is not the King of all!

Since there is one path that all religions are part of,if a world government was put together would it be run out of New York City at the United Nations, or would it be run out of Jerusalem where most religionshave their roots?

It will be run from New Jerusalem!

What level of control does Maitreya feel is appropriate onpeople's personal choices. Should people be allowed to travel wherever they want, whenever they want? Should people be able to pick any Dr. they choose and go in for any surgery they desire?

All things depend on time, place, and people involved. For sure, there will be: Freedom for all humanity to move on the planet as they please (unless any limits are needed to restrict it because of things such as epidemic diseases, unrest in some parts, etc.). Education and health care should be provided for everyone free. The best educational environment and health care should be available for all. A system of almost full employment will be achieved by reaching into space and hiring everyone to help reach to all the stars and planets!

What is the true origin of marriage? Should marriage be exclusively one man and one woman? Is Polygamy acceptable? (Please explain as different cultures have had different views throughout history.) Is homosexual marriage acceptable? (Please explain this one too, as it is nearly exclusively taught that it is unacceptable by all religious leaders.)

We have to follow Gods Will in each situation. In general, sex is a part of marriage. Sex in its most basic explanation is a delivery system to create children. The sexual orientation of people should not become a political issue. The bedroom (private life of people) should be that, private. In general, however, humanity should encourage what is Godly and is based on Dharma (Innate Nature) of things.

God clearly stated in the Bible that a man and a woman will create the base of a family (Gen. 2:24, Matt. 19:5-6, Mark 10:8). However, we can see in the Bible that most prophets married more than one wife. How could they be Prophets of God if they seemingly broke this law! What they did must have been accepted by God and their actions would have been ok by Him (God) that they still stayed His Prophet! God is not a rigid God. According to circumstances (time, place and people) He is willing to bend the rules if it will service His Purpose and Will.

At the time of Abram (Abraham), for example, the number of Hebrews was small. The greater the number of wives each man could have, the greater the number of Hebrews would have been. So polygamy was permitted. He also set the way it could have been performed. It was Sarai (Sarah) who brought Hagar to Abram (Abraham) and permitted him to take Hagar as his concubine (second wife)! Therefore, the permission of the first wife is needed for this to happen. Of course, as we said, all Laws of God depend on circumstances. So situations might arise where this also can be relaxed.

However, humans do misuse the Words of the Prophets and God. This explanation should not become a license for abuse and misuse. That is why society has to be aware of what is needed, be flexible according to that situation, and impose Gods Will and Laws in any situation (for example, when David ate the shewbread which he was forbidden to eat, Matt. 12:4, Mark 2:26, Luke 6:4).

Again the importance of the concept of Leaders who are connected to Spirit (Paravipras) becomes more clear. They can see what is the Will of God and implement His Will instead of intellectual understandings and their rigid concepts!

The circumstances of the couples should also be considered. If the first wife sees the presence of another woman as necessary and all parties agree with the decision, it is not anyones business to interfere with their situation (unless the decision is not based on free will and is imposed on any member in the party).

Again, as the Bible clearly says, one man and one woman should be the norm (in normal circumstances). However, there are situations where this can (should) be relaxed and polygamy is acceptable. It should be rare.

Some people say that when a woman becomes old, she is not as interested in sex while the man still is. So the man should be allowed to have more wives and so children. Would not they realize that this is Gods doing? It is done this way so that men go more towards God in the old age and overcome sensual longings, so as to be prepared to leave the body and go to God!

None of these should become a political issue!

Where does he stand onabortion? Euthanasia?

Abortion is a decision by the couple (although they might consult with those whom they trust and/or the elders). Sex should be performed within the bonds of marriage. Both people in this act agreed and consented to the act and so both have an equal say in the matter. Since at the time of marriage they became as one flesh, it is a decision that should be made as one flesh. If they did not want to become pregnant, that decision should also have been made as one flesh! Of course if the life of the mother is in danger, the abortion is no longer a decision to be made. It is made for them.

If there is a dispute in this decision between them (to abort a child or not), then they are not one flesh. They most probably should divorce (they are not one flesh). If it is the mother who does not want the child, then she should have the child and the father should raise the child, as he wants the child. If it is the father who does not want the child, then the mother should have the child and she should raise the child. The matter of financial support and other details should be decided by the elders (and/or a judge).

If pregnancy has happened outside of the bonds of marriage, then it is a fornication (or adultery) and is against the Ten Commandments. Such a couple should marry and so the child becomes legitimate. The Laws of God should be accepted, encouraged and promoted in the society. Otherwise people who go against His Laws will lose His Grace and His Face will be against them!

If by euthanasia you mean: a person is suffering and in order to escape the suffering kills himself or hires someone to kill him, then euthanasia is an act of suicide. God said: Thou shall not kill (premeditated murder). That includes self! If a person does this, his circumstances in the next life might become even worse!

If, however, by euthanasia you mean disconnecting a person from life support who has no consciousness of his existence (being in a vegetable state or something similar), then that is acceptable. The decision should be made by the persons loved ones. If they wish to keep him alive, they must be willing to pay for the expenses to support him (and there must be no will stating otherwise).

Of course, the best way to die is naturally, with minimum medical assistance!

What type of government does Maitreya favor? Monarchy, RepresentativeRepublic,true Democracy,National Socialism, or Communism? (I left off Theocracy because any of these types could be theocracies.)

The governmental system is based on the Communities Of Light. The leaders will emerge from these communities based on the Purest Form of democracy (majority choosing the leaders in small groups, read The Plan for more detail). Only in this system will a government from the people, by the people and for the people emerge. No system has been created so far that represents the people completely until this one! You can call it Theomocracy: a Pure democracy based on Gods Will!

Does Maitreya believe that a good leader should be able torule (at any level ofgovernment) for theirentire life? Does he feel there should be a mandatoryand universal limiton rulers terms? Does he feel that if a ruler proves to be ineffective thatit should be possible to take him out ofrule early?

Read the Kingdom in THOTH for answers to all questions you have about the Godly Government.

Here are short answers to your questions above:

In each level leaders who are chosen for a few terms (three or four, depending on the level) and are never advanced to a higher level,are accepted as elders in that level. They no longer can be considered for a higher position and/or for any other position in the hierarchy which emerges from the Communities Of Light (unless they have unique abilities that no one else can provide). Only this position can be held for life. Except for the elder levels, there are term limits for leaders on every other level in the Hierarchy.

There is an impeachment process to eliminate leaders who are not doing their job or are not doing it well.

Where is the appropriate level of privacy in society? One extreme has total anonymity for all people at all times - akin to anarchy. Crimes would go unpunished, etc... The other would have no privacy, being watched while you sleep, eat, drive, walk through the park, watch tv, etc...

Middle Path. The prime directive in this question is: Good people and goodness should be promoted, and bad people and criminals should be discouraged, corrected, educated, punished, etc. to be(come) good. Bedroom privacy is absolutely enforced (unless criminal activity is performed, such as pedophilic acts, torture, etc.). Parents are chosen by God to raise their children. Unless a parent is proven to be extremely bad for the growth of their children, their children should be left to be with them. Parenthood, marriage, and great fathers and mothers should be encouraged and helped to become the norm. Parenting is a great sacrifice which is part of a great society and the Communities Of Light (base of the Kingdom).

In general, the society should be set up to Fulfill the purpose of Life (To Become Divine, One With God). Anything that opposes this should be discouraged and corrected.

How did the Ba'al and Molochreligion fit into the divine path? How does athiesm or devil worship fit into the path.

The mystery religions and those religions that are man-made do not fall into the Eternal Divine Path. They are different from the Mystical Paths which teach, Know Thyself to Know God. They are fallen religions which most probably were started by the wife of Nimrod (Semiramus). She claimed she represented The Holy Mother, and her son The Miracle Child (Immaculate Conception). From these claims many religions formed including the worship of Isis, etc. Baal and other similar religions are also man-made. God surely has Revealed His True Religions in THOTH!

How do cults such as the heavens gate cult who committed mass suicide with the belief that there was a UFO behind a comet fit into the divine path?

They dont. The leaders of such cults have not fulfilled the Prophecies. They have not opened the Book Sealed with the Seven Seals. They are not the Lion Of The Tribe of Juda, etc.

A cult is a group of people who believe in a leader who puts himself up as their focus (an ego trip). They do not follow the Scriptures but the words of the leader when the leader does not teach God but things that are not from God. They end up escaping the world. They eventually become frustrated and suicidal as did Heavens Gate and Jim Jones, etc.

Is war ever acceptable?

There is a time for peace and there is Even the Bhagavad Gita is about God and a just War!

Should WMD's be kept by the government as a deterrent?

If there is Peace and Unity why would we need them? If we do not bring the Peace and Unity that God has predicted to come to humanity, then there will be proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction on earth. Right now as we speak, many countries desire to obtain such weapons as a deterrent. If they succeed, other countries will do the same. The more people have such weapons, the greater the possibility that someone will use them. One use might be enough to end the human race (from radioactive fallout, retaliation against the first user, etc.)!

Should the public have access to guns?

In the case of responsible citizens the answer is: yes. However, the original idea of gun ownership (so that people can create militias and oppose a corrupt government) is no longer valid. Governments have bombs, fighter jets, drones, etc. Should people also have these? Only then could they oppose a corrupt government with a similar and comparable force. So, guns these days are for recreation and/or self-defense against the intruders to our homes and/or properties. The idea has changed and having guns for these purposes should be allowed. If someone misuses this privilege they should be corrected and if necessary their guns should be taken away from them. If you choose not to have guns, that is ok too!

Should officers of the peace and the military have access to guns? Should there be a military at all?

The warrior class is a part of human society. We will need police forces and security forces for some time into the future. It is the decision of the leaders of society under any circumstance to see if it is needed to have such organizations or not. These are details which should be decided according to time, place, and people involved. The ideal would be to have a society with no crime and all responsible and good citizenry. However, the ideal and what is, are not always the same!

What is Maitreya's definition of slavery?

Forced labor with little benefit to the worker!

Why was there not a command given thousands of years ago that thou shalt not keep slaves? Is slavery acceptable if the masters are not cruel?

Basically humans do not want to work on mundane jobs. All through history those who dominate are not the ones that do the mundane but their slaves. Also they use the slaves to build great economic bases and prosperity for themselves.

Not being cruel includes compensating fairly for the work a person does. That no longer is called slavery, but a servant or hired person. That we still have in all cultures!

If a person serves another person out of Love and Respect, such a person is neither a slave nor a servant. He or she is a disciple!

Who does Maitreya feel is most responsible for the Terrorist attacks of 911? Is the truth regarding those attacks what is widely known or is it actually a conspiracy and cover-up operation that gave the United States an excuse to go to war?

The cause of all evils is ego. Those who attacked the US have egos, and the US is run by people who have egos. In fact all countries have this problem! If you have ego, you do not have compassion. If each party had Compassion and tried to understand one another there would not have been a war or any wars (or terror) on earth!

If it is a conspiracy, should the perpetrators be held accountable, and in what way would that be done?

If there was a conspiracy, what is the base of it? Such matters should be investigated and if proven there was a conspiracy then the perpetrators surely have to be corrected and made an example of. If this is true then not only has an unjust war been waged, but the leaders also lied to their people, which should be corrected in the harshest way possible (the leaders are the head: when the head is sick, the body is sick). Leaders should represent the people!

If it was an attack as described by the media, should the perpetrators be held accountable, and in what way would that be done?

Both sides should be listened to and the grievances from both sides should be addressed until an agreement is reached in which no longer any party would create an environment that such things would happen again. If one party is found to be guiltier than the other, an appropriate action should be taken to correct the injustice and the crime! From then on any grievances should be looked at immediately, the guilty party acknowledged, and the situation corrected.

Is Maitreya concerned at all with the prophesy that after 1,000 years of peace, the devil will be released one last time to torment and terrorize the world?

Why should He be concerned? God eventually will be the Victor and that is what counts!

Does the devil exist?


Is "the bottomless pit" a spiritual jail, the actual center of the Earth, a black hole, or a fairy tale?

It is the lower nature of man and what it brings to one (attachments, desires, temptation, self-centeredness, etc.).

Will humanity ever achieve space flight the level of Star Trek, or will our technology be perpetually lost and relearned whenever we get close to inter-planetary travel.

Unity and full employment can only be achieved (or accelerated) by reaching to space. How far can we go, only God Knows!

What happened to the planet Mars, and was there life on it before it happened? Is the "face" and "pyramid" on Mars an optical illusion or is there really remains of a civilization?

Was there a civilization on Mars? One thing is for sure, there are signs that show advanced civilizations were created on earth before 12,000 years ago: the pyramids, the pictures on earth in South America which only can be realized as what they are from the air, etc. Could these be a sign that some life forms migrated from Mars to earth? These things will be Revealed when humanity becomes One in God. Science will investigate and God will Reveal the truth to them!

Apparently the picture from Mars that shows the so called Pyramid is the shadow of a hill. Eventually man will be able to see it closely and the Truth of it will be revealed.

Is the Zodiac relevant or just superstition?

There is some truth in it but it is not a perfect science to rely on completely.

Is the number 13 really unlucky, and if so, is it because that was the date Jesus was crucified?

It is the number of God when dealing with a group of people. Twelve disciples and Christ was thirteen! Those who do not respect the Thirteen will have bad luck!

Did humans ever coexist with the prehistoric dinosaurs, or are the komodo dragons and alligators/crocodiles the closest thing we've ever come to?

We still are living with them. They evolved into birds!

Should we impose a limit on the population of the Earth? If yes, what limit and how could it be enforced?

It is better to reach out to space and populate other planets than to impose restrictions and limits on population. Of course the Bible clearly Reveals that 1/3 of humans will perish in the coming Tribulation!

I would really appreciatethe answers to these questions. I've heard that Maitreya is both thebest thing that will ever happen to the world, and the worst thing that will ever happen to the world. Any light you can shed on these subjects would be very helpful for me.

Maitreya from the Mission Of Maitreya is the best thing that happened to the world since 12,000 years ago. Other Maitreyas, we leave them to God. What they will do is not from God. They are in ego trips and that will bring suffering to them and all who follow them!


Be One in God

Mission Of Maitreya (MOM)

Note: These are God's Ways and the Ideal situations (best). However, what is Ideal and what is the reality in each situation might not always match.

In each situation there might be many factors involved, each person might be different, and humans are emotional and not always rational and with God! Here is when the Wisdom comes in and in each situation the wise make the decisions that are the best (or as close as humanly possible)! Hopefully, in the Kingdom, "what is" and "The Ideal" situations will become One!

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