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There are now some e-books placed into the Temple libraries in Second Life. We hope that this example will bebeneficial to everyone. If you find time, feel free to browse the shelves and take notice of the titles. Each of the Scriptures are placed and the process to include other titles has begun.

As you may know, the Mission placed a separate store front in Second Life to draw in more peopleto New Jerusalem. The owners of this mall have closed this area so, with their actions, we are evaluating the benefits of having a separate location altogether. If there is a noticeable decline in the number of people visiting New Jerusalem, we will investigate all possibilities of reaching out again. This may involve renting another shop, erecting our own mall on the mainland, or placing billboards around Second Life.

There are two other additions that are in development. First is setting up more links to various teachings found within the Mission web site, and second is arranging live presentations for those who may be interested in learning more. The links will be similar to the web sites found on the fifth level, and will connect to specific topics for a more in-depth study. The live presentations may be held by anyone who is interested in developing their skills before an audience. This will be arranged by day and time at least one month in advance so that advertising may be effective. These presentations will be conducted on the second level of New Jerusalem, where the Satsang Hall is now standing. It will probably be reconstructed to allow for greater attendance and a more peaceful setting than the building allows for currently.

If anyone is interested in giving a presentation in Second Life, please send a notice to the Mission ( for review of topic, and the date and timeyou wish. While initially we are looking for the basics of the Eternal Divine Path to be the topics, in time this can be expanded and become a method for diving deeper into the teachings. Of course, to give a presentation, one mustunderstand the topic thoroughly.


Note: You need to download the SL program, install it, etc. before you can access the island.

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