Changes to the Feast
of Tabernacles

Several important changes have been made to the cost, sign-up, etc. for the Feast of Tabernacles. Anyone who is interested in attending the Feast should re-read the Feast announcement page to understand this update.

To summarize the changes: The cost to attend the Feast is now $295 or $995, depending on how many people attend. If more than ten people sign up to attend, the cost will be $995. This amount is needed to rent a beautiful retreat, with rooming, meals, good air and hopefully scenery, etc.

If less than ten people sign up to attend, we will hold the Feast in the Center (which is a regular house), and refund each attendee $700 (making the cost $295). However, in this case each attendee would have to pay for their own lodging (hotel room, etc.), transportation between their lodging and the Center, etc. Also, if we hold the Feast in the Center, it will be limited to people who are known and trusted by us. This is for security and privacy reasons, as the Center is also our home at this time.

We are asking everyone to pay the higher price up-front so that we can be sure to have the resources to rent a place, if many people sign up. We feel the price is more than fair, as most spiritual groups/centers ask for much more for just a weekend retreat (3 days; the Feast is 8 days). Also, it will allow us to truly create a wonderful environment and schedule, and celebrate the Feast as it should be celebrated!

Any questions about these changes, or the Feast in general, can be sent to

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