Corrections from December 2009 Newsbrief

1. In last months Newsbrief, there was an article about how the Danish translations on the website had been updated. However, it was actually the Dutch translations that were updated. The original article has been corrected to reflect this.

2. Our contact in East Quebec sent a report in last month. However, when the Newsbrief went out, the link was still to her old contact report. That link has now been updated, and the contact report is also listed in this months Newsbrief (see it here).

3. Cherokee prophecy: After reading "The Rattlesnake Prophecy, Cherokee Time Untime", some people expressed doubts as to whether this was an actual Cherokee prophecy. We searched for more evidence to support it, and we have not found much. The prophecy seems to only be posted in websites which promote conspiracy theories, and not in any websites about Cherokee culture, history, prophecies, etc. So we cannot, at this time, fully support this prophecy. If you find evidence to support this prophecy: "The Rattlesnake Prophecy, Cherokee Time Untime", please let us know so we can continue having it in the website as a legitimate prophecy.   Note: The other prophecy mentioned in that article, "Legend of the Keetoowahs", has been confirmed as a legitimate Cherokee prophecy.

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