Is It Discrimination or
Is It Conspiracy?

Case 1: Around a month and a half ago we found a reference to a website called: It said that if anyone buys something from this mall, which has a lot of affiliates, a percentage of what they spend will go to their favorite non-profit organization. That sounded great; we could join them, and anyone who shops (which includes everyone) and Loves the Mission can shop there and a part of their payment would be sent to the Mission.

We contacted them and requested membership. After some time they replied with the answer that: They have made a decision to not include religious organizations in their non-profit list! We were astounded. We are a registered non-profit organization, and the mall is for non-profit organizations: What is the problem then!!!?? We are not included because we believe in God! We surely felt discriminated against, and we told them so!

Case 2: We decided to have our Round Table (RT) meetings in GoToMeeting, an online meeting provider. We asked them if they have any discounts for non-profit organizations! They said: Yes they do. However, we have to contact another organization called: Gifts In Kind (GIK), and if they accept that we are a non-profit organization, then they will give us the discount!

We contacted the other organization, GIK, and they asked us to send them $150 and the information about our status as a non-profit organization. This did not guarantee that we would be accepted as a non-profit organization, and if we were rejected, they would keep 50% of what we paid them. We would have to do this every year. Why, if the US and NM governments accept us as a non-profit organization! What is this second expensive verification?

Also, who are these people who think they have the authority to re-verify what the authorities of the nation have already accepted to be true? Is it a process of control and having the power to choose who THEY include as a legitimate non-profit organization? It seems to be a case of: You are guilty unless proven (to them) innocent! We surely felt we were discriminated against!

Of course we are not surprised, as God and religions are put out in all levels in our society (and the whole world for that matter). Even most other (I should say all!) religions are full of dogmas and are dead. Of course there are also many people who are misusing the status of a non-profit organization and are charlatans. Maybe there should be a more vigorous process for giving this status to organizations. However, when it is given, it should be accepted everywhere without questioning it.

The untruth in many (all) religions, and misuse of the status of being a non-profit organization, surely gives those who want to put God out in all levels of human existence more ammunition. They say: Look, religion means dogmas, and the people at their heads are corrupt, so we have to be careful. However, those who have the Truth and are Chosen are also being discriminated against. We, however, do not fear this as humanity eventually will see the Truth, those who are Chosen will turn around, and God Will Win.

The case in point is my son, Noor. He was brainwashed in both high school and at the university that he attended. Both were very liberal. In fact he seemed to be going their way. However, he saw the lies and emptiness of their beliefs. He came to God in force. He Saw the Light. I expect this happens to many people, both young and old. They eventually see the emptiness of both the liberal and conservative ways. They see we have The Truth and will come to us in Force (The Force, in this case God, will be with them J).

Meanwhile, there is a thought: Can a Class Action Suit be brought against these organizations that are discriminating against the religious and non-profit organizations? It is not about a few dollars (even hundreds) that we can save. It is about everyone putting God out and creating more obstacles in His Way, every day. What they do surely is discrimination against God!Their actions seem to be especially directed towards religious organizations! Is this all a conspiracy to destroy God and establish their own religion (liberal agendas or dogmatic beliefs)?

Most of these organizations seem to favor charities which have no religious affiliations or beliefs, organizations such as the ones which help Africa, disaster areas, etc. There is also a movement of conservatives to exclude any religions that are not their own beliefs. All of the groups mentioned above may truly feel they are good people and are doing good. It, however, reminds one of the offering brought to God by Cain. Although he thought he was doing well, and his offering should be accepted, God did not accept it. Cain did not do it according to Gods Will and Way.

What these people do, they think they are doing for good, but their actions are not according to God's Will and Way. What they do might not be accepted by God, as Cain's offering was also not accepted. God's Will and Ways are given to man in this Mission! Only those who do good (God) according to His Will, will be accepted!


Note: The irony is I just received an email from: Human Rights Without Frontiers Int'l. They are talking about the religious discrimination in other countries!

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