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Sal-Om All,

This past month has been a busy month of sharing the Mission's teachings with groups and individuals from The Alliance for a New Humanity. A Mission of Maitreya group has been opened as well as the individual page. Anyone can go into this site and open a page for themselves. We now have 9 members in the Mission Group and welcome and invite all of you to join in. Go to: sign up! The members post daily and it is a wonderful way to share the teachings.

Also continued are the daily THOTH readings online in the "All Religions Unified Room" in Paltalk. Go to Paltalk:

You can download, and come into any of the rooms of the Mission, listed under "Religion and Spirituality", "Interfaith" (All Religions Unified by Maitreya The Expected One, Discourses by Maitreya God's Words continuously, and Universal Mantra Meditation).

The Wednesday Evening 9 pm EST Online Universal Mantra Meditation Room is available also for everyone. It is a great way to complement the unity of the Mission by having the opportunity to come together and meditate. Those who cannot come to the group meditation in the mornings (after the THOTH reading @ 8:30 am EST) perhaps can come to these weekly meditation gatherings on Wednesday evenings. It is, again, another opportunity to have group consciousness meditation (with God as our focus always).

The Saturday ad under the "Mark Your Calendar" for the Mission is running monthly in the Natural Awakenings Magazine of Ft. Lauderdale.

The time between 4 and 5 pm is set aside for receiving calls from anyone wanting to know more information about the Mission.

The outreach opportunity to share the teachings also comes in many way and forms as conversations, emails,discussions,letters, etc..

All thanks always to God.



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All Thanks To God (ATTG).